Monday, November 21, 2016

Week #65 many miracles

Week 65:

Woah. This was a crazy good week! We saw many miracles and cool things! Heres a recap though...

Monday- We had our usual pday activities which was fun and then after went to a awesome family's called the Magliolis. On the way there though all the traffic lights went off and the power just completely was gone in most of Oshawa. so we had dinner in the dark with like 3 candles which was nice. Not ideal, but nice. For the message we shared a message of Matthew 5 which talks about being a light for others. Just as the candles in that room were the main focus the illuminated everything else making things more clear and easier to perceive. We can show that light to others in our own lives and through the gospel they can see the bigger picture. Without those candles we would have had an extremely difficult time eating our food. It reminds me of a quote said by C.S Lewis which says " I believe in God like I believe in the sun. Not because I can see it, but because by it I can see everything else."

Tuesday, we met with our returning member who came to church for the first time in 12 years last Sunday. He is on fire spiritually and had read the book of Mormon again in one week. He reminds me of the prodigal son cause he told us he had told his dad who lives in another city that he had gone to church that Sunday and he said it made his dads week (probably more than just his week) which is because the Gospel is really the best and at the end of life the only way to have joy and happiness so that's why parents do everything they can to help their kids grow in it. Because they just want their kids to be the most happy. Anyways though we talked about keeping the Sabbath day holy and asked what he could do to keep it more holier. He pointed towards his TV, video game and internet and said he would not turn them on at all if it was Sunday. Our member with us was amazed and it was a miracle especially since we didn't commit him to do that. He did it himself. When we use the Atonement, we will know the right thing to do. We were also able to see our investigator and started teaching his 2 friends a couple times. They're all from Jamaica and one of the times we taught it was night and we could hardly see them. Haha.

Wednesday- I went to Peterborough for exchanges and that was good.

Thursday went and did some service.

Friday we went to district meeting and is was good. Talked about commitments are how we repent and show God that we want change and follow him. That's why we invite people to do thing like read, pray and come to church to help them grow and repent. We then had crepes after which were good. So after we had planned to go to Bowmanville and do some work around there because we had more people to see there but Elder Jackson had the impression so go to Ajax but we didn't cause it didn't make sense. At the district meeting though we got a teaching record of a former investigator (someone who once met with the missionaries but stopped) and she lived in Ajax so we went and met with her aunt who was a member and got more info and also she told us about her less active son and gave us his number so we called and invited him to basketball at the church and he said that would be something he would be interested in. We told her and she was so excited it was awesome. We also stopped by a member who hasn't came to church in a year cause she got a job that is on Sundays but we just talked and asked her how she was doing spiritually. Later that night she texted us saying the missionaries hadn't stopped by in a long time and thanked us for our visit. Pretty cool miracles.

Saturday we had Stake Conference in which our mission President came to. The adult evening session was focused on the Restoration of the Gospel. It was amazingly good.

Sunday morning I was reading my Patriartichal Blessing which talked about petitioning God when I needed help so I prayed we would have someone we could find to teach that would be committed. Within 2 hours we received a media referral. So crazy. We also had dinner at one of our favorite family's the Lefrances for dinner.

Have a great week! -Elder Toly 

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