Monday, November 28, 2016

Week #66--Sooo many miracles

Week 66:
Ok. Wow. This was a crazy week. Sooo many miracles, I don't even know if I'll remember them all!

Monday- Of course we had our usual prep day and did the normal things like emailing and sports. We went and dropped by a couple investigators and taught them the importance of keeping commitments. So repentance is changing/growing and thats the whole reason why we're here on earth. And commitments are a way of repenting. So when we invite people to keep commitments we invite them to repent and in turn help them to achieve the basic purpose of our life here on earth. We don't invite people to read or pray or come to church just for fun as missionaries or to see if they'll do it or even to just get them baptized (although that is a part of it) We do it to help people change and to become more like God. We then went to FHE and had a great lesson on how the savior can help us bear our burdens.
Tuesday- We had service planned but it fell through so we went contacting and found a couple new people to teach. One guy we found said that it was his New Years resolution to develop his spirituality so he wanted to meet up and find out how. That was pretty cool and nice to see that the service wasn't supposed to work out for a reason. So we saw our inestigator from the day before and that went well. Then later we met with a guy who races cars and brought a member and taught him and it went so well and the member was a recently returned missionary so we taught in a trio and the guy was so willing to read and pray and ask God if what we shared was true. So solid.
Wednesday- Went to a place called Bowmanville and had district meeting. After that we met with an investigator out there with a member and taught him with a member. Then later we went back to Oshawa and taught another investigator. It was going well and then we got to talking about prophets and he started taking over and couldn't grasp the concept of them and it just went crazy from there. So instead of just saying what we knew. We listened and asked some inspired questions to which humbled him and the Spirit took over as we taught the rest of the lesson and by the end was so different and loved us and how we were missionaries and were amazed that people do this and just was like a friend really. So cool to see how the Spirit can change hearts. We then met and did some family history at the church with one of our new converts which was pretty good and then played some basketball with a group of guys of which a couple were nonmembers and all the running killed me haha. Made me realize how much I'm out of shape.
Thursday actually did some service. We then picked up a member and met at a Tim Hortons with the guy we had found a few days earlier with the News Year Resolution. It was funny cause at the table behind us there were like six ministers from another church. The lesson was soooo cool though. We talked about the pre earth life and our purpose here. The guy was just soaking everything up and just had a glow in his eyes and was so excited to read and come to church. So cool. We then went to the returning members house who came to church for the first time in 12 years and he was doing soo good. It was awesome and the same member who came to the lesson with the investigator before came to this one and had actually met the returning member like 10 years earlier and after the lesson and said he was so different and was amazed. When we were about to drop him off and had said for thanks for coming he said "I'm thankful for today" it was super cool.
On Friday we found a couple more people to teach.
On Saturday we had some things not work out but ended up meeting with one of our new converts and he taught us the restoration and then after we just talked and it was super Spiritual and he opened up a lot.
On Sunday we had 3 nonmembers come to church. One was this black guy who we were supposed to meet the day before. He really enjoyed it and and at the end went up to our branch President and thanked him for his talk. It was cool too cause he played Football and was a defensive back and thats exactly what I was so I also enjoyed talking with him about that. We also went to a members house for dinner and after the meal we presented the question "Why do you believe in God?" It was amazing cause almost everyone participated (and there was quite a bit of people) and the first one to answer the question was the son who was less active. Super amazing to see God bless us with a sick week.

Love you all! Love Elder Toly

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