Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Week #70 Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Week 70: Merry Christmas!!

Here is a recap of the week:

Monday: We had a conference the next day so all the elders came to stay the night at our place and that was pretty cool having all ten of us. Word of advice, it's a lot harder to get sleep with that many of them haha.

Tuesday we had a conference where 3 zones met together and that was pretty fun. The focus was on baptism and Christ. After it was over we went on exchanges with a couple elders. We went to a YSA guy in Ajax and taught the intro of the Book of Mormon with him which went really well and he committed to read it and find for himself. After we went caroling with the YSA in the branch. We were in a separate car from all of them and were driving all around town to different places singing for them and blasting Christmas music in the car while we traveled. It was probably my favorite night on the mission or at least top 10.

On Wednesday we were able to meet with a couple people, exchange back and also found two new people to teach. We went by our returning member (the prodigal son) and viewed some of the videos on mormonchannel.org. My favorite was "The Hope of Gods light". If you haven't seen it, I suggest you do so. After we didn't have much time left till we had to go home but decided to go contacting and found a lady and taught the whole first lesson on the street and the spirit was felt.

Thursday, I can't remember really remember what happened so I may just skip that haha.

Friday we went to Ajax and taught a guy with a return missionary. It went pretty well. The guy was from Africa and he had a good story and it was pretty long.... haha. So I was fortunate enough that my Grandpa Ardy gave me some money so my companion and I decided to go eat somewhere nice. We choose Buffalo Wild Wings. We stood out pretty well and I took off my coat so I had a sweater with my name tag. One of the waitresses came up to us and asked us about it and then when we told her she said she had lots of questions. While we were there she kept coming up to us and asking questions and pretty much taught the whole restoration to her. While waiting tables she would quickly come and sit down with us and talk every now and then. Though there were tvs and lots of people around us, they all seemed to disappear while we were talking. Really cool.

The next day we did a lot of planning and other paper work stuff. That night before Christmas we had the elders over and had some fun celebrations and had a testimony meeting that was really intense and spiritual and we sang O Holy Night..... and it was absolutely terrible hahahahah.

The next day was Christmas and there was no YSA so everyone just went to their home wards. We went to the Oshawa ward. Later we went to the prodigal sons house and then did our skype at the Magliolis who are awesome and then went to the LaFrances for dinner and got to be included in the presents which was really nice of them.

The next Monday (yesterday) we found a new person who wants to learn more and really change his life and some other people. Thats all I got! Thanks so much to all of you who sent packages or letters!

Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Monday, December 19, 2016

Week 69: Miracles by the Plenty! Have a Merry Christmas!

Week 69:

Merry Christmas. Merry Christmas.

Oh and if you didn't know...Merry Christmas! If you haven't already you need to go check Mormon.org and see the #LightTheWorld. Its super awesome and focuses on doing service for others. So this letter might possibly be pretty short for this week, but we'll see what happens cause I might end up writing a lot. Now that you're on the edge on your seat probably eagerly anticipating what you're gonna read next let's begin.

Monday- We had a fun Pday and got the whole zone together and made crepes and did a white elephant gift exchange. Later that night we had a ysa Christmas branch party and also did another white elephants so the day was pretty nice haha.

So Tuesday morning while we were getting ready I made/baked a cookie cake thing I got from home. How did I do this? I have no idea haha When I say miracles still happen I mean it.

We went and took it though to an investigator though and hopefully it was good. We then went and visited a guy that has been less active for a while and we were talking with him and I think we asked him to share his favorite scripture but he did and it was in 2 Nephi 33 and as he shared it you could feel the atmosphere change in the room and he started crying as he was reading. It was really humbling to see this guy who had been hurting for a while finally start to heal. Its like the gospel is true or something?!? Sike! It is true! We also ended up teaching our new converts' mom who speaks Spanish and just a little English so we taught very simply and with some translating from him taught her the plan of salvation and at the end she said "I like the Plan of Salvation" and I was just like "me too." Later on our convert told us that his mom had told him that she was questioning that very day just life in general and what happens after and was kinda worried but that after she met with us she felt good and at peace. So cool.( So it turns out that was Tuesday and Wednesday haha)

Thursday we went to a district meeting out in Bowmanville and we learned how to effectively study.

Friday we also had another district meeting in Oshawa.

On Saturday we had a temple trip with the YSA ward planned but it got canceled so we went and shoveled peoples driveways and it was so cool cause people were so humbled and loving when we did. We then went and volunteered at a soup kitchen and were serving so that was really awesome and it made me really realize the importance of manners and gratitude cause I loved the people who displayed those things. We also got to teach an investigator who at first seemed like he might not want to accept the book of Mormon before he even read it but by the end changed his mind and he is gonna read it and we will see him on Tuesday!

Miracles by the Plenty!

Have a Merry Christmas!

Monday, December 12, 2016

Week #68

Week 68: Man oh man! We had another blessed week here in the Zarahemshwa!

On Monday we had a zone activity and went bowling which was super fun! I guess you'll be able to tell by the photos haha. We then went by an investigator and had a solid lesson. We then had a good FHE with the YSA.

Tuesday we went and visited a another investigator and brought a member with us and we went through the introduction of the Book of Mormon. It went very well and the Spirit was there and he understood the importance of keeping commitments. We also had a return missionary take us out for lunch and he told us about his mission. He served in only four areas which is very few. The first three he served each for 7 months which is a really long time. We also met with our new convert and he brought his non-member mom to do family history. We started him off at first and then left and they continued to do it and later he told us they got so much done and that his mom was so pumped.

On Wednesday we went and helped clean out a returning members house. It wasn't pretty but it was more after we left ha-ha. We also helped set up a light up nativity at the church.
 That night we drove to Brampton to stay the night at a house where some missionaries live. There was 20 of us and they had a challenge to eat Scotch Bonnet peppers which are very hot. The trick is to eat em fast. They burnt so bad and so everyone was running around drinking milk and eating ice cream and and it was going all over the place ha-ha. I tried one and my mouth was burning so bad it hurt ha-ha. But while everyone was running around I was pretty calm for the most part cause I ate it super fast but later you'll learn that maybe it wasn't the best idea.

Wednesday Morning: About 6:00 am: I wake up and my stomach is just wrecked. I got to the washroom and it was terrible. It felt like a boxer was punching me from the inside of my stomach. So the peppers were not as hot going in but I definitely paid for that that morning. Haha maybe too much detail but I feel I need to give you all a warning haha. 

That next day we had a super long meeting in which we talked about a couple things that would help the mission grow and see more convert baptisms.

The next day was pretty hazy so I might just skip it haha.

Saturday we had a really good meeting in which the Spirit was super strong.

Sunday we had transfer calls and I am staying here for another with Elder Jackson. I am super pumped!

Love you all. Make good choices! Choose the right!

Monday, December 5, 2016

Week 67--miracles continue

Oh man. Whatta week. We saw soo many miracles here in the dirty schwa (the locals name for it).

Monday- Our zone went to a trampoline park and it was so fun and we had a great time.

Tuesday- Went on exchanges out to Pickering with a greenie named Elder Martin Such a solid nice man from Arizona. We went by a former who tried bashing us saying he wouldn't read the Book of Mormon so we asked him a couple inspired questions and he just had no idea what to say and then we bore testimony and I almost cried while doing so and he felt it too which was pretty cool. We then contacted this guy who spoke almost no English and spoke Spanish so I pulled out some Spanish from good ol high school and had a basic conversation with him and gave a book of Mormon. Really cool and that was a little gift of tongues miracle.

Wednesday- Had a cool district meeting where we learned about listening and my companion and I put it together, That just like how we love our friends and family so much its because we know them and have taken that chance to know them and know their talents, their struggles and such that gives us that chance to grow our love and because God knows us perfectly: Our struggles, weaknesses, likes and dislikes, He has that ability to Love us perfectly as does the Savior and our job is to learn about both of them so we can develop that same love for Them.

Thursday- We met with our investigator who had the new years goal to find his spirituality. We brought our new convert who testified of his conversion, how he was struggling and was at a tough time in his life till he found the gospel and met with the missionaries. The Spirit was soo strong and the guy was so humble (humility is key). We taught the first lesson, the restoration and it was one of the top lessons I've been in. Amazing. Also we went by another investigator and we ended up teaching his friend as well.

Friday- We had another cool district meeting on companionship unity. After we got sushi so that was pretty pleasing. My stomach loved me for that. We then went on exchanges with some elders from Brampton. I got to stay here in Oshawa with the senior comp who is the assistant to the President. It so cool learning from him and just seeing how humble he was.

Saturday- While on Exchanges we taught the New year's resolution guy again and it was probably the most amazing lesson I've ever been in. We asked him last time to try praying and so we followed up and he said he has just been feeling so amazing since and can't describe it. He said it felt as though a haze had been lifted and he could see so much more clearly. He was feeling the Spirit and he had never felt anything really like it before. He had been searching for most of that year and just felt amazing. We taught the plan of salvation and it just went so well and he understood that trials were necessary and that he wanted to feel this feeling more and we told him about the gift of the Holy Ghost and how he can always have that feeling and committed him to be baptized for January 14 and he agreed. He was just so prepared and humble it was amazing. Probably the best lesson I've ever participated in. We also had a recently return missionary with us teaching. The Spirit was sooo strong. When he said the closing prayer, he said he was grateful for meeting us and for how much each one of us had grown just from the beginning of the meeting to the end. Amazing.

Sunday- We had fast and testimony meeting and so many people got up to bear their testimony of missionary work. So great. Thanks so much for taking a little time out of your life to see a little of mine.
 Don't forget to check out Mormon.org and see #lighttheworld Elder Jackson and I were on the website under the social media stuff!

Have a stellar week!

-Elder Toly