Monday, December 12, 2016

Week #68

Week 68: Man oh man! We had another blessed week here in the Zarahemshwa!

On Monday we had a zone activity and went bowling which was super fun! I guess you'll be able to tell by the photos haha. We then went by an investigator and had a solid lesson. We then had a good FHE with the YSA.

Tuesday we went and visited a another investigator and brought a member with us and we went through the introduction of the Book of Mormon. It went very well and the Spirit was there and he understood the importance of keeping commitments. We also had a return missionary take us out for lunch and he told us about his mission. He served in only four areas which is very few. The first three he served each for 7 months which is a really long time. We also met with our new convert and he brought his non-member mom to do family history. We started him off at first and then left and they continued to do it and later he told us they got so much done and that his mom was so pumped.

On Wednesday we went and helped clean out a returning members house. It wasn't pretty but it was more after we left ha-ha. We also helped set up a light up nativity at the church.
 That night we drove to Brampton to stay the night at a house where some missionaries live. There was 20 of us and they had a challenge to eat Scotch Bonnet peppers which are very hot. The trick is to eat em fast. They burnt so bad and so everyone was running around drinking milk and eating ice cream and and it was going all over the place ha-ha. I tried one and my mouth was burning so bad it hurt ha-ha. But while everyone was running around I was pretty calm for the most part cause I ate it super fast but later you'll learn that maybe it wasn't the best idea.

Wednesday Morning: About 6:00 am: I wake up and my stomach is just wrecked. I got to the washroom and it was terrible. It felt like a boxer was punching me from the inside of my stomach. So the peppers were not as hot going in but I definitely paid for that that morning. Haha maybe too much detail but I feel I need to give you all a warning haha. 

That next day we had a super long meeting in which we talked about a couple things that would help the mission grow and see more convert baptisms.

The next day was pretty hazy so I might just skip it haha.

Saturday we had a really good meeting in which the Spirit was super strong.

Sunday we had transfer calls and I am staying here for another with Elder Jackson. I am super pumped!

Love you all. Make good choices! Choose the right!

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