Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Week #70 Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Week 70: Merry Christmas!!

Here is a recap of the week:

Monday: We had a conference the next day so all the elders came to stay the night at our place and that was pretty cool having all ten of us. Word of advice, it's a lot harder to get sleep with that many of them haha.

Tuesday we had a conference where 3 zones met together and that was pretty fun. The focus was on baptism and Christ. After it was over we went on exchanges with a couple elders. We went to a YSA guy in Ajax and taught the intro of the Book of Mormon with him which went really well and he committed to read it and find for himself. After we went caroling with the YSA in the branch. We were in a separate car from all of them and were driving all around town to different places singing for them and blasting Christmas music in the car while we traveled. It was probably my favorite night on the mission or at least top 10.

On Wednesday we were able to meet with a couple people, exchange back and also found two new people to teach. We went by our returning member (the prodigal son) and viewed some of the videos on mormonchannel.org. My favorite was "The Hope of Gods light". If you haven't seen it, I suggest you do so. After we didn't have much time left till we had to go home but decided to go contacting and found a lady and taught the whole first lesson on the street and the spirit was felt.

Thursday, I can't remember really remember what happened so I may just skip that haha.

Friday we went to Ajax and taught a guy with a return missionary. It went pretty well. The guy was from Africa and he had a good story and it was pretty long.... haha. So I was fortunate enough that my Grandpa Ardy gave me some money so my companion and I decided to go eat somewhere nice. We choose Buffalo Wild Wings. We stood out pretty well and I took off my coat so I had a sweater with my name tag. One of the waitresses came up to us and asked us about it and then when we told her she said she had lots of questions. While we were there she kept coming up to us and asking questions and pretty much taught the whole restoration to her. While waiting tables she would quickly come and sit down with us and talk every now and then. Though there were tvs and lots of people around us, they all seemed to disappear while we were talking. Really cool.

The next day we did a lot of planning and other paper work stuff. That night before Christmas we had the elders over and had some fun celebrations and had a testimony meeting that was really intense and spiritual and we sang O Holy Night..... and it was absolutely terrible hahahahah.

The next day was Christmas and there was no YSA so everyone just went to their home wards. We went to the Oshawa ward. Later we went to the prodigal sons house and then did our skype at the Magliolis who are awesome and then went to the LaFrances for dinner and got to be included in the presents which was really nice of them.

The next Monday (yesterday) we found a new person who wants to learn more and really change his life and some other people. Thats all I got! Thanks so much to all of you who sent packages or letters!

Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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