Monday, January 30, 2017

Week #75

Week 75:

Man oh man another wonderful week in Oshawa! So first things first (I'm the realest, just kidding) we got transfer news last night and I am staying in Oshawa YSA and Elder Jackson will be leaving. I will be getting an Elder McBride from Utah which will be fun. I'm excited! This week was just splendid though and I'll explain...

Monday we had our preparation day and played some classic ping pong as well as sting pong if any of you are aware of that, it's definitely a game that you need to win or there are consequences ha ha. We also went to the Mansion which is the place where they played We then met with our investigator and then had FHE which was really fun.

The next day in the morning I went on exchanges to......... Lindsay! It was really weird we dropped by a couple potentials who were still there when I was and even taught a guy who I had taught once or twice when I first got there. It was super cause the potentials still recognized me from like half a year ago. Going back to my old place where I lived for 6 months was pretty crazy too and it still had the same smell haha. That night was super fun and it was cool cause the elder I went on exchanges with is actually an Elder who was trained by an Elder that I trained---- so in mission terms he was my grandson so that was fun.

We woke up early the next morning and played some ball with Danton one of the young men there who we played ball with all the time. After that we drove back to Oshawa where the whole zone got together for a missionary worldwide broadcast. It was super amazing and talked about the doctrine of Christ and then at the end they announced some changes. Key indicators changed and the missionary schedule changed as well so that should be super interesting. Coolest thing though while in the broadcast, one of the members from the branch texted us and told us she had a friend who was interested in the church. She basically set everything up so that was quite the miracle surprise. We then had coordination so it was a quiet day.

The next day we went to a members and helped with some service. We then met with the girl who the member told us about yesterday. It was cool cause she set it all up. Her friend came along with her and her sister and her sisters fiancee all of which were members. So the first lesson was really good. And she said she would be baptized if she knew it was true and she is gonna come to church on Sunday.

Friday we had a great day. We had a cool experience, so the sisters in the family ward found a guy who gave them his address. They went by and met this lady and found out the guy didn't live there and the lady didn't want any of it. So they left and went back to their car. As they were ready to go a guy came outside up to them and asked if he could hear their message/talk with them. They said sure and called us. We then called him and met 30 minutes later. He then came to church. And he would be down to get baptized. It was cool cause you never would have thought he lived in that house (he was renting a room) and that he heard. It teaches me that we always got to be examples cause you never know who is listening. We also met with our muslim friend who is awesome! We had a great lesson where the spirit testified. I asked him if he could pray with an open heart basically with no biases putting everything else aside, just him and God to find out if Jesus Christ is his savior. It was an inspired question because elder Jackson later said he was gonna ask the exact question. Wow its like the spirit is real or something??? (I'm just kidding the Spirit is very real) We then went to another investigators house after and saw another one after that. It was a good day where the spirit led.

Saturday we saw some more people and went all over. We met with that same guy the sisters found who we read the Book of Mormon with and he committed to coming to church. He has had a lot of trials but was down to come to church.

The next day we had church and had four investigators there and it was cool because one of our new converts gave a talk about faith. In gospel principles we talked about baptism. It was awesome. We then went to the LaFrances for dinner.

It was just overall a great week! Excited to stay here in Oshawa. The Lord has really been blessing us so much and its been amazing to let him lead!

Have a great week!

Monday, January 23, 2017

Week #74 Another great week!

Week 74:

Well it was another great week here in Oshawa!

Monday we had our weekly pday in which went, played and conquered and all that stuff. We then had dinner with a family from the family ward.The Stewarts! It was super awesome and was actually one of their daughters birthdays so we participated in the celebration. The dad is actually the son of one of the members in Lindsay where I had previously served. We then had Fhe where one of our investigators came and really enjoyed it.

The next day was great as well. We had dinner at one of the counselors house in our branch and their son whos in the branch and another ysa and then our investigator were all there! It was super good food Navajo tacos with chili and then cheesecake.... oh wow I now have an hankering for cheesecake... thanks guys. But then we had the lesson where we taught the restoration and it went really well. He had been reading the book of Mormon and really was loving it. So awesome!

The next day we had district meeting and then went and did some service for one of our favorite families, the LaFrances.

Thursday we met with a guy who the sisters had talked to. In the lesson he looked at me and said "you look familiar, like I feel like I've seen you before" and it turns our he lived in Alberta for a year and went to one of the high schools in Edmonton but couldn't find when he would have seen me. Hes 18. But we talked about baptism and he got super pumped about it and we set a date for March. He comes from a rougher neighborhood and life in South Oshawa. We then went and had dinner at the Shannons another great family who are super funny. We then taught our prodigal sons friend.

Friday we had district meeting and then President Shields came and started interviews with the zone. While everyone else had their interviews we went and saw our 18 year old investigator and another person. Later we met with our mission president and went and checked out an apartment that the church owns but hasn't been used in a while. We then went to a baptism the family was having and then met with him for our interviews. It was a busy and hectic day but it was good.

Saturday we met with a former investigator (someone who had searched earlier but for some reason stopped) and it went really well and our member really testified with the Spirit. We also met with our Muslim investigator again and taught the plan of salvation which went pretty well but took a while.

Sunday we had church which was good as always and after went with one our members to help with home teaching. We went to our new converts place and he wasn't there so we taught his girlfriend from Venezuela. She had heard the Plan of salvation and wasn't too sure about baptisms for the dead, but after explaining it to her it made sense. It really testified that the things we were saying were true to a point that it just made sense. It was awesome and we were able to give her a blessing as well.

Thanks for tuning in to the Life of Elder Toly! Love ya!

Monday, January 16, 2017

Week #73

Week 73:
Probably one of the coolest weeks of the mission. Prepared to be amazed! (thats actually the slogan for Oshawa haha)
we had pday and had some fun running around and letting some energy out (which I have no idea where that energy comes from cause we are always tired haha) .
Tuesday we helped shovel some peoples driveways which is always a nice change of things. 
We also went to our prodigal sons and talked with him. He was doing pretty well with things but hadn't come to church since the first time in a while. We were planning for him and the inspiration came to me to ask him if he actually wanted to come to church cause he hadn't been coming. So at that lesson later I asked him. He then told us the truthful answer which was no. He then said he didn't want to but he recognized that he needed to. He saw that he had the natural man in him but wanted to get rid of that. It was so cool and he committed to coming to church. He also got home teachers who visited him that week and then he came to church. Super cool and it all came from inspiration. Kinda interesting that it seemed really bold but as we listen to the spirit and act on its promptings we really can see miracles.
Wednesday we went on exchanges with some other elders from Brampton. I went with an Elder Sabin who actually speaks Chinese but is in English work right now. We went to district meeting and talked about how love is how we become obedient. We should obey God because we love him. Just as we love our friends and families, its because we know them, all about them, their struggles, weaknesses, strengths, and that allows us to love them. Thats how God and Christ love us cause they know us. The quest then for us is to then to come to know God so that we can love him and we do that through service, scripture study, prayer, and coming to church.

Thursday We went and taught our new converts girlfriend the first lesson. It went well and she was willing to read the Book of Mormon and pray. We found out from our new convert that she has been doing it and that they're read together which was really cool. Its interesting, we had been feeling a little down this week and were not grateful for the blessings we had. What happens next is really cool.
Friday we went to district meeting and talk about the Book of Mormon and I realized that I need to include it more into my teaching.
Saturday- We had a really cool lesson with a former investigator that came out with  a member and then we found another person to teach as well. We helped one of our members with some things cause their basement flooded. We then also got a text from one of our investigators who came to church last week saying he was coming again and that he had already texted one of our members for a ride.
Sunday- That investigator came to church and had a really great time. We talked about faith in Jesus Christ in gospel principles and it was awesome cause we had a billion return missionaries in that class. We then also had a lunch after and he got fellow shipped really well. Lots of miracles all around us! Make sure you're grateful for the ones you don't see as well!

Thanks so much for checking in on me!
-Elder Toly

Monday, January 9, 2017

Week # 72--thanks to the West stake for fasting!!

Week 72:

So because our preparation day is back on Monday I only have 6 days to write about so, I don't know, be prepared?

Anyways on Tuesday we had a chapel tour with a guy Elder Jackson and another missionary had found while on exchanges. He wasn't YSA age but we showed him around and taught him. After that we drove to Brampton to stay overnight for a meeting the next morning. So last time we had this sleepover we ate scotch bonnet peppers and everyone was running around going crazy. Well this time they decided to up the game so to speak. They bought a shark (one of those little ones but still bigger than a small goldfish) and one of the elders said he would eat it, but that we all had to do something and they brought out a ton of goldfishes and we put them in cups with water and we each had to swallow one for him to swallow the shark, there was no way I could do it and just the thought made me want to throw up and so...........I ate 2. One of which I threw into the air and caught it in my mouth, oh my heavens I don't even know what I'm saying right now or why you need to know this hahaha. Needless to say that elder swallowed that shark. What can I say? Memories? 

Wednesday, the next day we had the meeting and it was good. Of the 19 people who came out with me that are in the field, 9 were there so we got a sweet group photo. also we went over to the church the meeting was at early in the morning and some of us played an awesome game of basketball.

Thursday we met with a couple of new converts. Also another cool story, well actually it's pretty funny, we were knocking a couple doors and were waiting at one door for a bit but no one came even though there was a car in the drive way. So we start walking to the next house and Elder Jackson goes to put a card on their car under the windshield wipers and leans over the front to do it and there are two people like face to face with him. It was so funny and I didn't see them only my companions reaction. They were in their car the whole time we were there, it was pretty funny.

On Friday we had a zone council meeting which was pretty good. There were a couple different instructions on consecration, patience, faith and Looking forward. My companion and I did the instruction on Looking forward and how we can't look at our past with the bad things and how we can't even dwell too much in the good things but that we have to look forward to what we can become. We then got everyone to go into the chapel and make a list of things they wanted to leave behind them and brought out helium balloons to represent things they needed to let go and we went outside and let them go. It was pretty cool.

Saturday we met with one of our new converts and his girlfriend had just moved from south America and so we taught them and look forward to teaching her with him about the gospel. She came to church the next day but back to Saturday. We went to meet this guy that was had been living in an homeless shelter for a few days and we learned his story. He is Muslim and had been kicked out of his house for looking into other faiths. He has had a lot of struggles but we taught him and helped him and he came to church the next day and I gave him a piece of paper and pen and told if he had any questions he should write them down. Instead he wrote "I feel at peace God is here". It was super cool and in both classes after we talked about the apostasy and the restoration of the gospel which was awesome. Sunday was great!

Also thanks to the Lethbridge West Stake for fasting.

Some good things are happening! Have a great week!

From your favorite missionary in Oshawa,

Elder Toly.

Tuesday, January 3, 2017


Week 71: Happy New Year!

If you haven't, you should go check the New Years video on It highlights on not looking behind us and uses the story of Lots Wife. As some of you know they had to leave their home because the city was going to be destroyed and they were told not look back as they left and she turned and took a little sneak peak and turned to a pillar of salt. Moral of the story, don't look back and dwell on the past cause that isn't where you're going. Just like the Atonement, once you properly use it, don't look past and dwell on your mistakes. You're going onward to better things. Ok well enough preaching on my part but felt like I needed to say that.

This was a good week.

Tuesday we had pday wasn't too crazy. Just played some sports and all that jazz.

On Wednesday we went to district meeting and blitzed the missionaries’ area whose chapel we were meeting in. We were able to find a lady that agreed to have us come back and teach her and her husband so the missionaries there were pretty pumped about that.

Thursday we went out to Ajax to teach a guy with a member and it was interesting. He was reading the Book of Mormon which was good, but the problem was that he was too focused on the deeper and complicated stuff. He wanted the meat before the milk you could say.

Friday we went to district meeting and talked about how we could find more people to share our message with and fun ways to do it. For example, one thing Elder Jackson said was snowball fights. Sometimes while we're tracting we will just start throwing some snow at each other which just boosts us up so much and gives us the joy to have the spirit when we talk to people. Elder Jackson loves snow being from Arizona and all. After that I went on exchanges with Elder Martin an awesome elder form Arizona as well, in Pickering. It was pretty good but no major details to report.

Saturday we exchanged back. Got to help a member with some New Years stuff and a variety of foods from around the world. It was sweet and we had to go in early with it being New Years but this time didn't have to plan so a step up from last year. Crazy to think where I was a year ago. So much stuff happens in a year it’s crazy. People change and so does life. We didn't stay up till 12:00 with the consequence of having a good sleep so that was just swell.

Sunday we went to church and that was good. We then went to a new years day party at a member from the family ward and once again were loaded up with extras. MAN I LOVE GETTING FOOD!

Monday we had FHE where we talked about goal setting. It’s important before you even set a goal to evaluate where you're at and how you're doing. If you want to lose 20 pounds you gotta know how much you weigh so you can measure where you're going.

Thanks so much for reading this letter. I hope you have approved it.

Hope you have a Happy New Year!

Also ps when I talked about losing 20 pounds I just want to clarify that I don't need to lose 20 pounds. There is no hidden message in that

Love ya all!