Tuesday, January 3, 2017


Week 71: Happy New Year!

If you haven't, you should go check the New Years video on Mormonchannel.org. It highlights on not looking behind us and uses the story of Lots Wife. As some of you know they had to leave their home because the city was going to be destroyed and they were told not look back as they left and she turned and took a little sneak peak and turned to a pillar of salt. Moral of the story, don't look back and dwell on the past cause that isn't where you're going. Just like the Atonement, once you properly use it, don't look past and dwell on your mistakes. You're going onward to better things. Ok well enough preaching on my part but felt like I needed to say that.

This was a good week.

Tuesday we had pday wasn't too crazy. Just played some sports and all that jazz.

On Wednesday we went to district meeting and blitzed the missionaries’ area whose chapel we were meeting in. We were able to find a lady that agreed to have us come back and teach her and her husband so the missionaries there were pretty pumped about that.

Thursday we went out to Ajax to teach a guy with a member and it was interesting. He was reading the Book of Mormon which was good, but the problem was that he was too focused on the deeper and complicated stuff. He wanted the meat before the milk you could say.

Friday we went to district meeting and talked about how we could find more people to share our message with and fun ways to do it. For example, one thing Elder Jackson said was snowball fights. Sometimes while we're tracting we will just start throwing some snow at each other which just boosts us up so much and gives us the joy to have the spirit when we talk to people. Elder Jackson loves snow being from Arizona and all. After that I went on exchanges with Elder Martin an awesome elder form Arizona as well, in Pickering. It was pretty good but no major details to report.

Saturday we exchanged back. Got to help a member with some New Years stuff and a variety of foods from around the world. It was sweet and we had to go in early with it being New Years but this time didn't have to plan so a step up from last year. Crazy to think where I was a year ago. So much stuff happens in a year it’s crazy. People change and so does life. We didn't stay up till 12:00 with the consequence of having a good sleep so that was just swell.

Sunday we went to church and that was good. We then went to a new years day party at a member from the family ward and once again were loaded up with extras. MAN I LOVE GETTING FOOD!

Monday we had FHE where we talked about goal setting. It’s important before you even set a goal to evaluate where you're at and how you're doing. If you want to lose 20 pounds you gotta know how much you weigh so you can measure where you're going.

Thanks so much for reading this letter. I hope you have approved it.

Hope you have a Happy New Year!

Also ps when I talked about losing 20 pounds I just want to clarify that I don't need to lose 20 pounds. There is no hidden message in that

Love ya all!

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