Monday, January 9, 2017

Week # 72--thanks to the West stake for fasting!!

Week 72:

So because our preparation day is back on Monday I only have 6 days to write about so, I don't know, be prepared?

Anyways on Tuesday we had a chapel tour with a guy Elder Jackson and another missionary had found while on exchanges. He wasn't YSA age but we showed him around and taught him. After that we drove to Brampton to stay overnight for a meeting the next morning. So last time we had this sleepover we ate scotch bonnet peppers and everyone was running around going crazy. Well this time they decided to up the game so to speak. They bought a shark (one of those little ones but still bigger than a small goldfish) and one of the elders said he would eat it, but that we all had to do something and they brought out a ton of goldfishes and we put them in cups with water and we each had to swallow one for him to swallow the shark, there was no way I could do it and just the thought made me want to throw up and so...........I ate 2. One of which I threw into the air and caught it in my mouth, oh my heavens I don't even know what I'm saying right now or why you need to know this hahaha. Needless to say that elder swallowed that shark. What can I say? Memories? 

Wednesday, the next day we had the meeting and it was good. Of the 19 people who came out with me that are in the field, 9 were there so we got a sweet group photo. also we went over to the church the meeting was at early in the morning and some of us played an awesome game of basketball.

Thursday we met with a couple of new converts. Also another cool story, well actually it's pretty funny, we were knocking a couple doors and were waiting at one door for a bit but no one came even though there was a car in the drive way. So we start walking to the next house and Elder Jackson goes to put a card on their car under the windshield wipers and leans over the front to do it and there are two people like face to face with him. It was so funny and I didn't see them only my companions reaction. They were in their car the whole time we were there, it was pretty funny.

On Friday we had a zone council meeting which was pretty good. There were a couple different instructions on consecration, patience, faith and Looking forward. My companion and I did the instruction on Looking forward and how we can't look at our past with the bad things and how we can't even dwell too much in the good things but that we have to look forward to what we can become. We then got everyone to go into the chapel and make a list of things they wanted to leave behind them and brought out helium balloons to represent things they needed to let go and we went outside and let them go. It was pretty cool.

Saturday we met with one of our new converts and his girlfriend had just moved from south America and so we taught them and look forward to teaching her with him about the gospel. She came to church the next day but back to Saturday. We went to meet this guy that was had been living in an homeless shelter for a few days and we learned his story. He is Muslim and had been kicked out of his house for looking into other faiths. He has had a lot of struggles but we taught him and helped him and he came to church the next day and I gave him a piece of paper and pen and told if he had any questions he should write them down. Instead he wrote "I feel at peace God is here". It was super cool and in both classes after we talked about the apostasy and the restoration of the gospel which was awesome. Sunday was great!

Also thanks to the Lethbridge West Stake for fasting.

Some good things are happening! Have a great week!

From your favorite missionary in Oshawa,

Elder Toly.

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