Monday, January 16, 2017

Week #73

Week 73:
Probably one of the coolest weeks of the mission. Prepared to be amazed! (thats actually the slogan for Oshawa haha)
we had pday and had some fun running around and letting some energy out (which I have no idea where that energy comes from cause we are always tired haha) .
Tuesday we helped shovel some peoples driveways which is always a nice change of things. 
We also went to our prodigal sons and talked with him. He was doing pretty well with things but hadn't come to church since the first time in a while. We were planning for him and the inspiration came to me to ask him if he actually wanted to come to church cause he hadn't been coming. So at that lesson later I asked him. He then told us the truthful answer which was no. He then said he didn't want to but he recognized that he needed to. He saw that he had the natural man in him but wanted to get rid of that. It was so cool and he committed to coming to church. He also got home teachers who visited him that week and then he came to church. Super cool and it all came from inspiration. Kinda interesting that it seemed really bold but as we listen to the spirit and act on its promptings we really can see miracles.
Wednesday we went on exchanges with some other elders from Brampton. I went with an Elder Sabin who actually speaks Chinese but is in English work right now. We went to district meeting and talked about how love is how we become obedient. We should obey God because we love him. Just as we love our friends and families, its because we know them, all about them, their struggles, weaknesses, strengths, and that allows us to love them. Thats how God and Christ love us cause they know us. The quest then for us is to then to come to know God so that we can love him and we do that through service, scripture study, prayer, and coming to church.

Thursday We went and taught our new converts girlfriend the first lesson. It went well and she was willing to read the Book of Mormon and pray. We found out from our new convert that she has been doing it and that they're read together which was really cool. Its interesting, we had been feeling a little down this week and were not grateful for the blessings we had. What happens next is really cool.
Friday we went to district meeting and talk about the Book of Mormon and I realized that I need to include it more into my teaching.
Saturday- We had a really cool lesson with a former investigator that came out with  a member and then we found another person to teach as well. We helped one of our members with some things cause their basement flooded. We then also got a text from one of our investigators who came to church last week saying he was coming again and that he had already texted one of our members for a ride.
Sunday- That investigator came to church and had a really great time. We talked about faith in Jesus Christ in gospel principles and it was awesome cause we had a billion return missionaries in that class. We then also had a lunch after and he got fellow shipped really well. Lots of miracles all around us! Make sure you're grateful for the ones you don't see as well!

Thanks so much for checking in on me!
-Elder Toly

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