Monday, January 23, 2017

Week #74 Another great week!

Week 74:

Well it was another great week here in Oshawa!

Monday we had our weekly pday in which went, played and conquered and all that stuff. We then had dinner with a family from the family ward.The Stewarts! It was super awesome and was actually one of their daughters birthdays so we participated in the celebration. The dad is actually the son of one of the members in Lindsay where I had previously served. We then had Fhe where one of our investigators came and really enjoyed it.

The next day was great as well. We had dinner at one of the counselors house in our branch and their son whos in the branch and another ysa and then our investigator were all there! It was super good food Navajo tacos with chili and then cheesecake.... oh wow I now have an hankering for cheesecake... thanks guys. But then we had the lesson where we taught the restoration and it went really well. He had been reading the book of Mormon and really was loving it. So awesome!

The next day we had district meeting and then went and did some service for one of our favorite families, the LaFrances.

Thursday we met with a guy who the sisters had talked to. In the lesson he looked at me and said "you look familiar, like I feel like I've seen you before" and it turns our he lived in Alberta for a year and went to one of the high schools in Edmonton but couldn't find when he would have seen me. Hes 18. But we talked about baptism and he got super pumped about it and we set a date for March. He comes from a rougher neighborhood and life in South Oshawa. We then went and had dinner at the Shannons another great family who are super funny. We then taught our prodigal sons friend.

Friday we had district meeting and then President Shields came and started interviews with the zone. While everyone else had their interviews we went and saw our 18 year old investigator and another person. Later we met with our mission president and went and checked out an apartment that the church owns but hasn't been used in a while. We then went to a baptism the family was having and then met with him for our interviews. It was a busy and hectic day but it was good.

Saturday we met with a former investigator (someone who had searched earlier but for some reason stopped) and it went really well and our member really testified with the Spirit. We also met with our Muslim investigator again and taught the plan of salvation which went pretty well but took a while.

Sunday we had church which was good as always and after went with one our members to help with home teaching. We went to our new converts place and he wasn't there so we taught his girlfriend from Venezuela. She had heard the Plan of salvation and wasn't too sure about baptisms for the dead, but after explaining it to her it made sense. It really testified that the things we were saying were true to a point that it just made sense. It was awesome and we were able to give her a blessing as well.

Thanks for tuning in to the Life of Elder Toly! Love ya!

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