Monday, January 30, 2017

Week #75

Week 75:

Man oh man another wonderful week in Oshawa! So first things first (I'm the realest, just kidding) we got transfer news last night and I am staying in Oshawa YSA and Elder Jackson will be leaving. I will be getting an Elder McBride from Utah which will be fun. I'm excited! This week was just splendid though and I'll explain...

Monday we had our preparation day and played some classic ping pong as well as sting pong if any of you are aware of that, it's definitely a game that you need to win or there are consequences ha ha. We also went to the Mansion which is the place where they played We then met with our investigator and then had FHE which was really fun.

The next day in the morning I went on exchanges to......... Lindsay! It was really weird we dropped by a couple potentials who were still there when I was and even taught a guy who I had taught once or twice when I first got there. It was super cause the potentials still recognized me from like half a year ago. Going back to my old place where I lived for 6 months was pretty crazy too and it still had the same smell haha. That night was super fun and it was cool cause the elder I went on exchanges with is actually an Elder who was trained by an Elder that I trained---- so in mission terms he was my grandson so that was fun.

We woke up early the next morning and played some ball with Danton one of the young men there who we played ball with all the time. After that we drove back to Oshawa where the whole zone got together for a missionary worldwide broadcast. It was super amazing and talked about the doctrine of Christ and then at the end they announced some changes. Key indicators changed and the missionary schedule changed as well so that should be super interesting. Coolest thing though while in the broadcast, one of the members from the branch texted us and told us she had a friend who was interested in the church. She basically set everything up so that was quite the miracle surprise. We then had coordination so it was a quiet day.

The next day we went to a members and helped with some service. We then met with the girl who the member told us about yesterday. It was cool cause she set it all up. Her friend came along with her and her sister and her sisters fiancee all of which were members. So the first lesson was really good. And she said she would be baptized if she knew it was true and she is gonna come to church on Sunday.

Friday we had a great day. We had a cool experience, so the sisters in the family ward found a guy who gave them his address. They went by and met this lady and found out the guy didn't live there and the lady didn't want any of it. So they left and went back to their car. As they were ready to go a guy came outside up to them and asked if he could hear their message/talk with them. They said sure and called us. We then called him and met 30 minutes later. He then came to church. And he would be down to get baptized. It was cool cause you never would have thought he lived in that house (he was renting a room) and that he heard. It teaches me that we always got to be examples cause you never know who is listening. We also met with our muslim friend who is awesome! We had a great lesson where the spirit testified. I asked him if he could pray with an open heart basically with no biases putting everything else aside, just him and God to find out if Jesus Christ is his savior. It was an inspired question because elder Jackson later said he was gonna ask the exact question. Wow its like the spirit is real or something??? (I'm just kidding the Spirit is very real) We then went to another investigators house after and saw another one after that. It was a good day where the spirit led.

Saturday we saw some more people and went all over. We met with that same guy the sisters found who we read the Book of Mormon with and he committed to coming to church. He has had a lot of trials but was down to come to church.

The next day we had church and had four investigators there and it was cool because one of our new converts gave a talk about faith. In gospel principles we talked about baptism. It was awesome. We then went to the LaFrances for dinner.

It was just overall a great week! Excited to stay here in Oshawa. The Lord has really been blessing us so much and its been amazing to let him lead!

Have a great week!

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