Monday, February 6, 2017

Week #76

Week 76:

Another week of fun has come and gone. This week was pretty good and saw some cool blessing and things.

Monday night we had our usual schedule and then had Elder Jacksons last FHE which was pretty good.

Tuesday we then had transfers where we drove down to Brampton. One sad thing is one of my companions Elder Ngerantar finally finished his mission. It was crazy thinking I served with this guy a year ago. He was such a great example of charity and I hope things go well for him in Malaysia. I then got my new companions Elder McBride. He's a 2015 grad and he's from.... Utah! His trainer was actually my first zone leader when I came into the mission. We were able to have dinner with an awesome family called the Burnfields who are pretty funny.

The next day on Wednesday we met with our branch president out in Bowmanville and then saw one of our new converts. Later we had a lesson with an investigator and taught the plan of salvation and that as pretty good. She had some great questions from the reading she had done in the book of Mormon. Later we met with another investigator and taught the gospel of Jesus Christ and committed him to baptism for March 11 and he accepted. Still has some learning and work to do but we're excited. After we went on our way back to Brampton for a meeting. We stopped at Tim Hortons and got 50 timbits for the drive and got to take the 407 which is this special highway that you need a pass for and its sweet cause there's almost no traffic. I wish I had one of those for every road! We then got there. As you might remember at the last couple meetings there was some super fun stuff that went on like eating hot peppers and fish. This time was different. They gave out a book of Mormon and we all wrote our testimonies in them and had a testimony meeting. And after you bore you testimony you put your book in the middle of the room and then at the end you went and took a different one with another elders testimony in it. It was a pretty amazing thing to see all these guys around 19 or 20 do something like that and really just say what they know is true. Another testimony builder. Not something you see every day. The next day we had the meeting and it was really good they reviewed the missionary broadcast that they had worldwide and we talked about the changes in the schedule and the key indicators. It was really good. We also talked about the other things they talked about. There was a question that was phrase that I really like it was "Would, if you took of your name tag and your suit and just wear regular clothes would people see something different in you?" It really asked if you have the countenance of Jesus Christ in you. Super awesome stuff and another elder shared that we are our greatest testimonies.

Friday we met with our new convert and prepped him for the temple on the 11th. We then contacted near a university campus and sadly no one was out so it was hard for contacting and we were gonna go work another area and I felt like we needed to turn up a street even though there was like no one there so we did so and ran into a girl and told her about the book of Mormon and she asked where she could get one so we outta the kindness of our hearts gave her one and set a time to meet where she is gonna bring her friend. Cool things!

Saturday had zone council which was good. We then were taken out to this southern BBQ place by one of members James. It was super good! We then went and met with our Muslim friend. We had a really great lesson just recently with him and he said that since he's been meeting with us and coming to church his life had drastically improved. We really shared about the Atonement and how Christ helps us make it over trials. It was good. We then had a service activity at the church where we cleaned the chapel and then had a challenge of eating spaghetti with proper utensils and of course I went for the hardest one and picked a whisk. to be honest I actually got pretty good at it. It was cool cause one of our investigators came and also went to church the next day too.

That Sunday we also found a couple new people to teach which was great.

Have a stellar week everyone and remember that you are your greatest testimony!

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