Monday, February 13, 2017

Week #77 God's good and the church is true!

Well, well, I knew you'd be crawling back to creep my life again. I'm just kidding cause there's probably like 2 people that read this blog but that's all good cause you'll get to have all the fun.

This week was pretty grand. We had our first p day with the changes cause now we get an extra 2 hours (*Nacho Libre voice* "It's the best!") So no complaints about that! This week was interesting too because it was midterms so it was harder for us to meet with people, but nevertheless there were just a ton of miracles! Lets continue though eh? So that night we got a text from someone requesting a bible and we went by and shared that with him and set a time to meet which was fun. 

The next day We met with our Muslim friend and had a good meeting about finding answers to prayers and we read about faith from the book of Mormon. We then drove out to Newtonville (aka the middle of nowhere) to help a family with some service and it was freezing rain. We got there and ended up working outside which was fun cause the rain died down and they live in the country so it was nice just to get some fresh air. It was fun too cause our car had a nice 2 inch layer of ice on it and I just for some reason love breaking that off, its like therapy, but enough of my psychotic tendencies. We then had dinner with a family from the Oshawa ward. The couple actually met while they were on their missions and they went to the same mission, but we got to hear the whole story. If you're wondering....nope not gonna happen to me. We also got to go see our prodigal son and he's been doing alright. That night we had 3 sets of missionaries come stay the night cause we had a zone conference at our chapel the next day.

Wednesday: We had our zone conference and we were instructed on teaching more simply. It was like so, so simple or something. It was really good though and can get better at that. Later that night we had our branch missionary coordination which is always super fun and someone brought snacks, So bonus! 

Thursday we went to go see our new convert and taught the plan of salvation and someone started talking about her prom date and it was just hilarious. We then had dinner with a member family called the Lynches. Their kids are probably smarter than me, After that we dropped by an investigator who had really had a really tough week and hadn't really been responding. We surprised him and taught about receiving answer a little at a time and then talked about prayed and reading the scriptures. His boss hadn't called him for work and hence the discouragement. At the end of the lesson he prayed (side-note: his prayers get longer every-time he prays) and after we left he text us saying "Guess what? My boss just messaged me today, asking if I'd like to work tomorrow ... Do prayers really work that fast? Or is it just a coincidence every time I ask God for help, I get it." Super awesome though, and I'll talk about it in a sec more...

The next morning (Friday) We went with our new convert and got his temple recommend. Later we met with our prayer investigator and he had ordered a pizza for us to eat him and it was cool cause his countenance changed and he was a lot more caring about the message and more concerned about us and how we do what we do and when we left he really made sure that we would travel safe. Cool stuff. 

The next day we went to Brampton with Nik our new convert and Wyatt who drove us and it was fun. We went to the distribution center and did family history (he did 3 of his own names) and visited the visitors center. Afterwards we got burgers which were good too.

Sunday we had a branch conference even though the weather was pretty crazy. That's the week though and also we prayed for a referral on Sunday and got one which was nice. 
Gods good and the church is true. 
Take it easy (not too easy though) and have a great week!

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