Monday, February 27, 2017

Week #79

Week 79: Alright so Plot Twist: This Monday we didn't have our p-day because we had family day. It was actually pretty dead in terms of YSA ( Young Single Adults) cause they were on break this week and were probably hiding in their houses so the sun wouldn't turn them to dust. We taught our prayer investigator and read the scriptures and shared about likening them to ourselves. He seems to enjoy some of the book of Mormon cause heshowed us that he sometimes posts a scripture from it on Face book. (what is Face book?)

The next day instead we had our p-day and did all the normal things. I just had to let you know so the change wouldn't alarm you. After though in the evening went on exchanges with some elders and I got to go on exchanges with my old companion... Elder Taylor! It was good cause the next day we had district meeting in.... Lindsay! I had been there last transfer on exchanges but he hadn't since he left last April so he was tripping out pretty hard. After district meeting we dropped by a couple people and got lunch at a classic place in town. It was a good exchange and got to have a lot of fun. Got a picture in front of the famous bush. So last year the transfer before I came to Lindsay he had crashed into a bush in the parking lot and so naturally we had to get a picture of it again. Good times!

Thursday we met with an investigator who is a dancer. He competes in competitions with his dance team and it sounds pretty intense. We shared about prayer and how we're more likely to recognize answers by doing things like reading the scriptures or service or partaking of the sacrament. We then went on exchanges again and I took a young blood (newer missionary) to the shwa. We dropped by a guy we had talked to, he was Sikh (not sick) and we didn't get him but got his roommates and so we got in and started teaching them the Restoration. There were three but a couple had to go and we ended up teaching just one of them cause our other friend wasn't home. It went well and we explained the book of Mormon and its importance and he said "how much for the book?" (later on I realized I could've said 10 bucks) and we told him free.

The next day learned about listening and then for Friday and Saturday we had some more boring things we had to do although we did see a couple people and got to see one of the sisters investigators get baptized.

Sunday was pretty fun because the Oshawa ward put on a musical fireside which went really well and oneof our new converts bore his testimony! It was great! (and there was food after and that's always a bonus) Also I turned 20 which was pretty alarming!!. Anyways thanks so much to everyone for your love and
support! Hope you have a great week! The gospels true!

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