Monday, March 6, 2017

Week #80- character building

Week 80: This week was very good. It was what I would call a character building week where I learned an important life skill that I can use not just in my mission but for the rest of my life.

For Monday we had our prep day and decided that our zone would go bowling, not all of us came but it was super fun. I found out Elder McBride was actually very good so he taught me a lesson on humility (still not the life lesson I learned haha) since I guess I generallly expected to win. Expect the unexpected is all that I'm gonna say on that one. Life 1, Elder Toly 0. haha but it was good and after we had a dinner with the Whitsitt family who are basically one of those generational families in an area that everyone knows cause they've always been here. It was awesome though and they have two ysa kids so we got to talk sports which is something I won't say no to. After we then went to fhe and got to give the lesson. We taught off a cool idea Elder McBride had about prophets. We had a game of telephone which is when you start at one end and have to say something and repeat it to the next person by whispering it to them. And as always the message got distorted by the end. We shared how if we had a prophet that this would never happen because he always receives the answer straight from God .

Tuesday we went out to Coburg to give a baptismal interview. The lady was super prepared and it was a extremely good experience where the spirit was felt. After that we had to drive all the way out to Brampton to stay there for the night for a meeting the next day. Right before we all went to bed someone gave a devotional on Christ and then a whole bunch of us got to bear testimony on Christ. Its moments like that when I see around 20 18-21 year olds bearing testimony about Christ that really gives me that feeling this is true. Super cool and amazing stuff.

Next day woke up early and went and played some ball. The meeting ended up being really amazing as we focused on the why of why we do things or have certain rules and guidelines. There was a huge emphasis on the Savior and how he is that reason. Really great and made me do a little self evaluation on ways that I can improve. The next day we went contacting and it was super cold that day and we had a lot of time. So we went for a fairly long walk towards the University campus. In my planner I called it "the journey of becoming a man" twas super cold and we spent a good while talking to people and got a couple potential people who might be interested. We also gave our number to another girl. Later on we got a text from that girl and she had a couple questions and she was down to meet up the next day. The next day we had zone council which was very well. We then had interviews after with President Shields. He is such a funny and real guy. I quite enjoyed it and really know thats hes an inspired guy. We then and met up with that girl who gave our number to at a mall while on exchanges and we taught the restoration and invited her to read the book of Mormon and she accepted and said she would come to church. After the lesson she texted us saying thanks which was pretty cool as well.

The next day we went and did some heavy lifting for service and and exchanged back. Later we had a ysa activity and ended up playing basketball. A couple nonmembers came and played which was really awesome. The next day was church and we also had dinner at the LaFrances! . " We shared an interesting message where we asked questions like, how do you describe the taste of salt without using the word salt, can God make a rock big enough that we can't move it, and wheres Kolob. None of them really had definite known answers and then we explained that we don't have most of the answers and that we won't while in this life but that if we rely on God in faith we can find out more and eventually obtain all of them. So if you don't know whats what don't be too hard on yourself cause you can't know everything but still seek to find. Also the lesson I learned this week was learning to be happy in unhappy circumstances or really having a good attitude in any circumstance. Anyone can be happy and positive when the situation is happy and positive but the real secret is being happy when nothing around you is. That was something I learned this week is that we can choose to have joy whenever and that the only thing holding us back from it often times is ourselves. It was a miraculous thing I was able to learn."

That was the week though. I hope you're all surviving through the cold weather. Stay warm, have fun, and be smart. Love ya!

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