Monday, March 20, 2017

Week #82 "Success is going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm."

So this was a fresh new week of a new fresh transfer. It was a week I think I really learned a lot and how to deal with life and some of the cheap shots it dishes out.

This Monday was interesting because it was the day that the missionaries who got their transfer calls say good bye to everyone at the zone sports and where everyone does sign journals and all that fun stuff. It was interesting seeing all the missionaries who were in this zone the second time I came back finally pack their bags and move on to other places. For FHE they played this trivia game to do with the scriptures and prophets and other things like the church. It was really well done.

Tuesday we were visiting with a member and were talking about some fun doctrine (teachings) and his friend who we had shared a little bit with ended up showing and he joined in the conversation and we ended up teaching some of the restoration and plan of salvation which went really well. We made it kinda like a discussion and asked questions openly to everyone in the room but they were pretty much asked for him and at the end we gave him a plan of salvation pamphlet and urged him to read it and we are going to try to meet again and answer his questions. We also were contacting the same day at an intersection and there was this one guy about to cross the other way and it was inconvenient to go and talk to him just with the lights and stuff, but I felt I needed to and he ended up listening to what we had to say (which is really just a ton of awesome things and you should all meet with some Mormon Missionaries and hear it but thats just a little subliminal message haha) and we set a time to meet and exchanged some info.

Wednesday we had a meeting and we talked about having effective studies and why they were important. We're kinda in a sense like a well. We are a well and we can learned or develop things and that's like the water. So the more we do the more we fill those wells. Then when the time is right while teaching others the Spirit draws from that well and uses what we have and expands it, but it's a lot harder if we are not filling that well. Therefore we need to do things that fill ourselves so we can help others. We also had dinner with one of the counselors in the branch. He is a former stake president and so he has a lot of cool stories and has met a lot of people like President Monson and Elder Bednar. Before we got to his place we had a little time so we knocked some doors, which is something you don't do as much in YSA work because you do more talking to people outside by the university. We got into a house and a couple guys were playing NBA 2k16 and so we started talking ball and turned the conversation into the gospel and shared how there is a living day prophet on the earth today. We then asked if we could come back and share some more and the one guy agreed. Super cool though, fact: Talking sports with sports people softens their hearts.

Thursday we went and say a couple people but nothing too spectacular sharing-wise.

Friday we did a lot of finding and ended (I think this was on Friday at least?) talking to this older gentleman who looked like a hardened war vet and it turned out he was and had served around the world and had worked for the U.N. He then wanted to talk to us and took us to a Tim Hortons where he got us some doughnuts. This guy was pretty interesting and sounds like he had some intense situations. He was eating a doughnut while we were talking and the weird part is, he was using a pocket knife to cut his doughnut and then was stabbing the pieces and eating them using his knife. Man we might as well gone camping cause that was pretty intense haha. Oh the crazy things that happen.

The next morning I went on exchange with an Elder Carroll who I had served around when I first started my mission and we did the exchange in Brampton which has 60% Indian people. He had been there for a while so while we were contacting he could say some phrases in Punjab and it was so fun seeing their reactions and how much they enjoyed him speaking their language. I believe when we take an interest in people and their lives and their culture they in turn are more receptive to what we have to say. For dinner we cooked up some chicken hearts which was pretty good. Different texture but overall pretty good. We also taught one of their investigators from Jamaica and ended up sharing the Word of Wisdom with them which is always fun cause Jamaica is notorious for some of the substances the Word of Wisdom warns us of. Overall the exchange was super good.

We then had church and later had dinner with the LaFrances. This week I'm not gonna lie was a tougher week, but I saw a quote from Winston Churchill that really applied that I would like to share with all of you it says "Success is going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm." I feel like as we keep our attitude well and positive we can enjoy life no matter what it throws at us. Keep being happy! Love you all and have a stellar week.

Elder Toly

So heres a pic with Jasper our buddy from the branch 

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