Monday, March 13, 2017

Week #81

Week 81:

So this week is pretty vague in my memory, but I'll try my best to let ya know what happened.

So this Monday we had our preparation day. So some more details about that.... We get a couple hours to email to family and friends (I guess thats you guys, either you're my friends reading this or it's an extremely good piece of literature, or you just feel bad for me but I'm just gonna guess it's the last option haha) We also then go to Wal-Mart and being missionaries and all we just have a cart full of great value products. The nice part is one of our YSA mom works there and she's a non-member so we also go through her checkout lane and she just loves us and knows the drill how we always put the purchase on two different cards. We then take the previously said groceries to our place and are laundry is doing its thing as we do all this. We then generally play some sports as a zone. Then we have family home evening which is where a bunch of the people in the branch meet up and we have a spiritual thought and then have some activities.

Tuesday we met with our new convert who was having a hard time having charity and so of course we taught about charity. We explained how it's easy to love people that are your friends and who you get along with but the real test of charity comes in when we need to love those who are less than friendly to us. Anyone can love their friends, but the real test comes when we love our enemies.

Wednesday we had district meeting where we learned about faith with finding. The district leader asked if we had faith to find and of course we all said yes and so he said well then you have 20 minutes to find someone new to teach. We frantically went out of the church and we were able to have a really good conversation with a lady that had been to Alberta and of course I love talking about that, but we were in terms of our goal unsuccessful. We then came back and it was explained to us that true faith is doing something without seeing the result. We also learned about the Wright brothers who were the first ones to create a plane that could fly and how they had to have faith. We also had our coordination at Dairy Queen with our ward mission leader and his assistant. It was pretty good and we were able to review the past missionary efforts in the week and I got a sundae so win-win.

Thursday we went out to Uxbridge and were able to visit a couple girls that were interested in learning about the gospel. One of which is set on being baptized which I personally am never against.

On Friday we had another meeting about the importance of baptism and how really essential it is to really being able to receive all the blessings that God has in store for us. We also attempted to try our Journey of Becoming a man part 2 but it didn't work out too great haha The temperatures here have been just terrible with the wind which is like a dagger to my soul. I've really come to dislike the wind which is funny because I grew up in Lethbridge.

Saturday we met with an investigator where we taught about Christ and the importance of doing what he did because he was the perfect example. So we talked about baptism and how it is so important. It seemed to hit him a little bit because he said that he needed more time to think about it. It went well and the spirit was there as we and the member we brought bore testimony. We also went and read with another investigator 1 Nephi 13 which talks about the future troubles and wickedness we see now in our day.

On Sunday we had church and it was good in the class after sacrament and talked about the restoration and why its the first lesson shared and it because it teaches people about how they can communicate with God and how they can receive answers and recognize them. He then compared the restoration with the new Zelda Game ahhahaha. Welcome to YSA. It was awesome. We also got our calls and I am staying in Oshawa for a 4th and its my 8th in the Oshawa zone so that's pretty crazy.

Loves -Elder Toly
One of our members made some homemade headphones 

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