Monday, March 27, 2017

Week #83

Week 83:

A PORCUPINE. YES a porcupine is included in this week's update.

Monday was grand as we had our usual day. We then had a dinner appointment at 6 with a member family from the family ward. Now an interesting fact about them as that they're notorious for keeping the missionaries well past their hour we are allotted. Last time we were there we didn't get out until 2 and a half hours later and this time we needed to get to FHE at 7:30. I just want to testify that miracles do happen as we were able to make it to FHE on time. It was really cool too because the guy in charge of the activity had gotten these pills that you dissolve on your tongue and by the time you're done they will make anything you eat taste sweet. So then we went in two teams and you had to put blind folds on and try different foods and guess what they were. I ate a lime that tasted like an orange and just to show how legit these pills were one member drank vinegar and thought it was sprite. It was awesome!

Tuesday we went out to the LaFrances place which is in the boonies to help cut some wood and we were in a forest and it was just so peaceful and warm out it made me pretty pumped for this spring. We were in his bobcat thing in the bin and we were driving and then all of a sudden Elder McBride spotted something and it turned out to be a porcupine right in front of us so we stopped and got pretty close to it. This kind did not shoot their quills out so it was ok.

On Wednesday we decided to do some tracting near the campus and saw a guy smoking across the street and I went over and said hi to him. He's from this little Island off the coast of Africa called Mauritius. He was interested in hearing more so we set an appointment to meet up. We then we to coordination meeting which was slightly sad because our branch mission leader Caleb was having his last one due to the fact he's going to Quebec for some schooling. It was good and we got some funny pictures including a First Presidency shot.

Thursday We and a couple other people and went to Caleb's house for dinner.

Friday we had a zone conference in Toronto. We got to see the new Easter initiative which comes out this Friday. It's called #ThePrinceOfPeace and you can view it on Also got to see this video from a mission in Germany where they do interviews where the missionaries answer the questions without talking or making a noise. Just by facial expressions and you can see their answers just in their face and see if they have the countenance of Christ upon them. It was really good. Also got to see one of the missionaries who I trained and also the Elder who he is training who is from south Korea. That was good. We then went on exchanges with the Coburg elders out in Coburg and it marked the final area in the zone. Being here for a while I've been able to go on exchange in every area or serve there. Some which used to be sister areas when I was in Lindsay and vice versa now. It was good and I went with a young Elder just out of training. We went tracting that night and he got into his first house since being in the mission and we both had the same impression to share with this guy about the book "Jesus The Christ" by James Talmage. The next day we exchanged back and taught one of our investigators and read from The Book of Mormon and really applied it to his life and told him how awesome gospel principles at church W was( cause he had never stayed past sacrament.)

The next day we had fast and testimony meeting and I bore my testimony about how those we serve we come to love and told about how I used to go bless sacrament for a Brother Sommerfeldt in my ward and how at first it felt like a burden to us 16 and 17 year olds, but as I got to know him I ended up growing to love him and really loving the opportunity of doing it each Sunday after church. Service really can change hearts. So at the beginning of my mission I did not want to ever serve YSA and I think I vocally prayed that I never would and then ended up here and how I really now love it and all the members and I shared this as well. I think my Charity really has developed since I've been here and I love it. It makes everyday so much better. At the end of the night we found a man who used to be a muslim but converted to Christianity and we told him about prophets and invited him to general conference and we will be seeing him this Friday as that was something that really sparked his interest. You should all go check out General conference this weekend as its going to be super awesome! Go on (for real not kidding, not even trying to advertise it haha) Have a great week everyone and enjoy the Spring! OH WAIT THERES MORE So earlier today we went and played some squash with a couple members Josh and Daniel. 
It was super fun but super tiring. No jokes!

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