Monday, April 10, 2017

Week #85 GRATITUDE-The invitation this week is to compliment someone once a day!

Gratitude. One word, and it means a billion things. That's how I'm going to start this wonderful session today haha.

So this Monday we were able to go as a zone, not all of us but a lot and we went to The Parkwood mansion here in Oshawa where we took some good pictures haha. The mansion is where the movie "Billy Madison" and X Men was filmed so it was really cool.
 After we tried the new bus passes we got. Here in Oshawa Missionaries haven't had them for a while but we were able to get some and experimented with them and it was super fun and kinda intimidating at first. I hadn't contacted on a bus since I went on exchanges back in Hamilton downtown. After we had FHE. So the spiel with gratitude is our zone had been doing very well compared with the past and with all the blessings we were experiencing it had been decided at the zone meeting there would be an instruction on it. So in preparation for it, I attempted for the few days before just having prayers of gratitude. I would not ask for anything, and when I say anything I mean anything I mean Anything. It was difficult at first, but I got better at it. Since when we pray we are literally having a conversation with God we should talk with Him as though He's right with us. If I had a friend that was always asking and asking for things and never showing appreciation I don't think that person would be my favorite person in the world. But someone always showing gratitude and thanking you for things is a person a lot easier to like and you more likely will want to help them out. I suppose this is kinda how it is with God in the fact we need to let Him know things we're grateful for so he doesn't have to in a sense "take our order." It went really well and we were able to have some cool success which I will tell you about later.

So Tuesday we were able to try the bus system and get some maps and whatnot and had some good conversations. I got to meet this one man who was a rapper who had actually hung out with a rapper who is up and coming named Logic. We were also able to meet with or prodigal son and showed him the Elder Sabin conference talk which talks about being all in and committed him to being all in.

Wednesday had a good meeting in Brampton where we went back to the basics just like general conference and talked about the book of Mormon. It was super good.

Thursday we tried out the buses again and ended up finding three new people we were willing to meet next week. Once we got farther away from the university we ended up getting a ton of high school students and older people which then it became less effective. We had a lesson with one of our investigators who we hadn't seen for a while and it was good because we had a couple members there and she had a really good question about Nephi 8 which talks about the tree of life and we were able to explain and the member drew some pictures and it went really well and then we tied it into the gospel of Jesus Christ. Super solid and she ended up going to church on Sunday out in Bowmanville.

On Friday we had our zone council meeting which went really well with instructions on How To Begin Teaching, The Book of Mormon, Being creative in finding, having faith to baptize, and gratitude. They all went super well and we had an activity where you wrote your name on a piece of paper then passed it down around the table and people were supposed to write compliments down anonymously. It was really good and I think it's nice to know you're appreciated and that you're doing a good job. I think giving compliments is one of the best things we can do daily and it really doesn't take too much effort but could make the world to that person. So I just want to say that you're all awesome, cause 1. You read my letter and 2. you made it all the way to this point. We also were able to talk to this man while he was walking home and he was willing to meet on Tuesday.

Saturday we met with a few people and one was an investigator who we showed Elder Stevenson's talk and it really spoke to him.

Sunday we went to church and the LaFrances for dinner and it was nice enough to meet outside. There was also an easter Cantata at the church which went really well and one of the Elders in our zone preformed in it. Sorry the last part of this letter was so quick but I gotta go!

The invitation this week is to compliment someone once a day!

Much love!

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