Saturday, April 22, 2017

Week #86 Happy Easter

Well this was another week here in beautiful Oshawa!

The weather here had been extremely nice as of late and it's been interesting because this last week was the 2nd last for exams so most students have been to busy to meet up and hear the message of the gospel (or at least they think they're too busy... time management and procrastination are things that ysa struggle generally with, I've really learned how bad I was with those things while being on my mission but have definitely improved!)

This Monday we were able to go a conservation area called Lynde Shores, a place a member had told us where chipmunks and chickadees majestically land and eat out of your hand and even gave us some seeds to feed them. So we went and it was super nice out, like really nice and we went around for a bit and then decided to go on a longer trail and then it started just pouring buckets of rain! To quote John Lennon "life's what happens when you're busy making other plans!"

Tuesday we were able to help out with some service at a members and then went to one of our new investigators and met with him and taught him just some basic things like the Godhead (How its three separate individuals with one purpose) because he didn't have too much previous knowledge on any of it. So we taught him how to pray and invited him to pray to know God was really there. We also had dinner with a fun family, the Evans who have 5 boys, 2 who are in ysa and 1 about to enter it. The 2 older ones are actually going to Alberta for the Summer time so maybe they'll visit my family??

Wednesday, we went to to a place called Ponty Pool where we do exchanges and its funny cause its a place where I've been doing exchanges since last year, I've been in this zone for that long. I got to go to Peterborough with a first transfer missionary, Elder Sparks for Phoenix, Arizona! It was super fun and we we started with some studies and then went and contacted in the Peterborough downtown. While talking to a person, I saw this one person who I recognized but didn't know from where and he knew who I was too and came up to us and it turned out I had taught him a year ago when I was in Lindsay. He had disappeared because of circumstances, but was willing to meet up with the Peterborough Elders in the future when his exams were done. We had lunch at this place called the whistle stop which is a poutinerie with 100 different flavours of poutine. I got one that was called (no word of a lie) Taku's Big Booty Chicken. It was splendid and way too much. It was overall a good exchange and got me pretty pumped because greenies just love everything and are just excited.

The next morning we had district meeting and the theme was that no effort is wasted. If you go about doing good and no one seems to accept it don't worry cause maybe you'll be the positive result of it. As I've been reading Jesus the Christ this week and with it being Easter Weekend where Christ performed the Atonement, died and came back again I wanted to highlight on a couple things I've enjoyed reading. The first is the story of the man that was paralyzed. Christ was preaching in this home where it was way too crowded for him to get in. This man had committed some sins in his past and his predicament was most likely the result of it and so he may have been a little afraid of the possibility of being condemned by Christ but he came unto him anyways. The amazing part is that four men got him on like a stretcher thing and put in all this effort to get this crippled man onto the roof of this house and that they lowered him down into the house. Their faith shown by their works was amazing. If not for them their friend who was paralyzed may not ever have gotten the chance to be healed by Christ. I think we can relate this to our lives, there are people who are spiritually paralyzed who deep down want to be healed but can't or are too afraid. They can't make it to Christ without some help and thats when they need help. We need to be reaching out to others that are in this predicament and be willing to go the extra mile much like these four friends that went out of their way to help their friend be healed. The other thing I liked from what I read was the story of the Leper. It read in ch 14 of the book "Among the afflicted seeking the aid that He alone could give came a leper,c who knelt before Him, or bowed with his face to the ground, and humbly professed his faith, saying: “If thou wilt, thou canst make me clean.” The petition implied in the words of this poor creature was pathetic; the confidence he expressed is inspiring. The question in his mind was not—Can Jesus heal me? but—Will he heal me?"

I really love this and know that Christ and CAN and WILL heal us in our lives and that we just have to have a desire and a willing heart. He will heal all and is the physician of our souls.

On Friday we went home teaching with one of the members and he showed us and the guy we were teaching some stellar magic tricks which was really fun.

Saturday we helped out at the soup kitchen and have come to recognize some of the people who knew me so that was fun. We also had a lesson with one on our investigators and we just really talked about his concerns which went really well. If theres a problem, you really just need to recognize it and address it.

Church on Sunday was good as we went to the family ward. It was weird cause it wasn't really quiet like it is in ysa. We had our easter dinner with the LaFrances which was great as always.

Have a great week!

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