Monday, April 24, 2017

Week #87

Oh man! Have I got some news for all of you! I'll tell you at the end though so you'll read the rest of this letter (but then again you can just scroll down and read it anyway)

On Monday we went bowling as a zone which was pretty fun and exciting! I got second in both games but of course elder McBride (the ringer).

Tuesday we went and saw the prodigal son and shared President Monsons talk on the book of Mormon. He really enjoyed it.

Wednesday we visited a returning member out in Bowmanville and strove to teach about the importance of the temple but she just didn't have too much desire. I think that's what it comes down to, at the very end of the day and life, desire. Are we really trying our best? Are we really fulfilling church callings and magnifying callings? Are we really being the most nicest and best we can be? It really is our choice. There is a quote by C.S Lewis that I love and it says "There are two kinds of people in the world, those who say to God 'thy will be done' and those to whom God says in the end 'thy will be done. All that are in Hell choose it. No one who truly and constantly desires happiness will miss it."

On Thursday we decided to take our handy dandy bus passes and use them to the max and decided to take them from Oshawa all the way out to Picking (we cover a whole stake) So we get on the bus and figure out that the stake president's Daughter is on the bus so we talk a little and start contacting and talking to people about the gospel on the bus with me talking to some people and my companion talking to others and this girl starts listening in and becomes intrigued and is really enjoying it and is listen to my conversation and then my companions and is thrilled by all of it and thought it was so cool she even laughed. She then starts talking to a lady on the bus which was the coolest thing! So cool to see missionary work in someone so young!

Friday we had a district meeting and did an activity in PMG in which you evaluate how you are with Christ like attributes and I did good in some categories but not as well in others and so I decided I need to work on Humility and will be doing that as my focus for the next transfer. I am so excited! After we met with this man and had a lesson. I learnt a lesson myself as this man was very flattery and wise with his words, but they just, when you broke it down didn't make sense. Kinda reminded me of some of the Anti-Christs from the Book of Mormon who are impressive on the outside but spiritually are weak. We also met with a couple other people and the lessons went pretty well. The prodigal son kept his reading commitments which was awesome!

The next day we had to drive all the way out to Brampton to get a 2017 Silverado and trailer and then drove back to our zone and moved an apartment. We then had to go out to Kingston aka Stoney Kingston, the famous story told by President Monson and get it back so we spent the whole day basically driving.

Sunday was super great and we went to the LaFrances for a BBQ. We got transfer calls and I am going to Hamilton YSA so I'm pretty pumped because over a year ago I served in one of the family wards there and I'm getting a companion Elder Taylor who has been out just a little longer than I and also we are living with a couple other Elders. I'm stoked! Pretty pumped! Good things to come and I'll update you all on the humility thing in the future!

Love you all and have a great week!

-Elder Toly

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