Monday, May 29, 2017

Week #92

Week 92:
 Running the 6ix with my woes! 
This was a super amazing week and saw some really cool miracles! 
But lets start with Tuesday, after writing emails we quickly went to the GO train station which we were taking to Toronto. We were literally going to be there 3 or 4 minutes before the train left but a couple elders were already there and had bought the tickets, so we get lucky (Aka the Grace of God) and we find an parking spot right by the entrance and we quickly park and start running towards the front where the other elders are and we run under a tunnel to the train and arrive literally a minute before the train leaves. It was pretty crazy and we barely made it haha. Memories!!! While in Toronto, we saw some cool things to which I'll share pictures and also saw some crazy things. We saw the big Toronto sign, and even went to Kensington outdoor market which was cool. Also went in the heart of Toronto and helped a Chinese member watch after her shop and buy over 600 bottles of pop for her store from another store and we filled her mini van with them and also still had to fit in somehow. We also tried these famous shakes there and I got one that was strawberry cheesecake which was super rich. It was a super fun day and while on the way back we got a call and someone was interested in meeting up which we were down for. After getting back from Toronto we went to Bishop Julians home (The Bishop from the family ward). It was super cool cause it had been almost a year and a half since I had been there.

 Wednesday was good and we went out to Niagara area to meet with the person who had called us. It went really well and a member came and then after the member shared a lesson about Grace. Its really cool because the atonement makes all the difference in our lives. We truly cannot earn our way into Heaven and really the reason we do things and are obedient is because of love and gratitude. A really good talk on this is "His Grace is sufficient" by Brad Wilcox that I would recommend. Since we were in the area we bought subs and ended up having our dinner right beside Niagara Falls, nothing too big haha.
 Thursday we met with a couple new converts. Their stories are so inspiring and their faith is really amazing and I've really grown a respect for converts who let the Gospel change their lives. One shared her story and she prayed and five minutes later she ran into the sister missionaries. So cool! On Friday I went on exchanges with my old companion, other elder Taylor or elder Kaden Taylor. It went really well and we found some good people to hopefully start teaching in the future. Some members, the Hobbs family who are super cool took us out to a nice pizza place.
 Saturday we did some stuff and in the evening went biking. I wasn't a huge biker back home but Elder Adam Taylor (exchanged back) is pretty stellar at it so I try to keep up and we came home and my whole lower body was so sore haha.

 Sunday we were missing some people as there was a ysa conference down in Palmyra but the person or girl we saw earlier that week came to church and seemed to enjoy it so that was sweet. Went later and had dinner at a members from a family ward but recently got assigned to the ysa branch. The Nantais' who are really cool and the sister cuts our hair which is a bonus! A pretty good week all in all! Enjoy the photos!

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Week #91 A shepherds pie!

Week 91: A shepherds pie!

This week was pretty good! On Monday I went on exchange with the chinese missionaries and I went with an Elder Huang from Taiwan.

It was good, there were some language barriers because hes still working on his English but it was fun and we taught a lesson in Chinese and English which was a good experience. Being with Elder Huang was a super humbling experience just knowing his story and how he got here so I was really grateful for the opportunity! We went to an old classic diner with a member that had a menu based on movie titles which was super cool! We were able to meet with a few investigators and others and they're growing, some slower than others but thats ok because thats life. A member took us out Ikea and apparently theres like a restaurant there which I had no idea about!

I gave my companion this talk about a missionary being super bold and one of the things he would do was look in a mirror before he left in the morning and would say "I fear no man" and so I decided to write that on the big mirror that we look at each time before we leave the apartment.

On sunday we got to go to a ysa conference thing and there were over 300 ysa there from different units and it was super fun. I got to see some people from Newmarket and also Oshawa Ysa which was super fun to see some of the people from there! Also at one point the missionaries had to sit up at the front and at a break a girl from Magrath came up to me and asked if I went to LCI and if I had played basketball there so that was pretty cool.

On Monday we had a busy day full of appointments but we did get to go to some of the branch bonfire which was really good and got to know some of the members better. Sorry for the lower quality letter but today we are going to Toronto so next weeks email will be pretty stellar... Stay tuned!

Also we made a shepards pie (mainly Elder Taylor but I helped hahah)
Helping people move

Monday, May 15, 2017

Week #90 SERVICE

Service service and more service as well as "I am singing at thee party" would be a couple good phrases to describe this week but let me explain!

Monday we went on a nature walk with one of the YSA here, Emily! Shes pretty awesome and it was nice just to be outside and relaxing. Fun Fact: If you go for a nature walk in a forest for 2 hours you will be way more relaxed as well as you will be able to sleep better, Science Rules! We also went to President Keenans home for Fhe where we watched a BYU devotional.

Tuesday we went and helped this nonmember guy named Dan (the man) move a whole bunch of rocks and concrete so we got a good workout! Speaking of working out we've been working out pretty hard in the mornings and this place is great because it has a ton of weights and I've started protein and creatine so we'll see how that goes. Anyways we digress so we were helping this guy move that stuff and he got us pizza after which is always a good time. We met with the member referral out in Burlington and taught the restoration. We found he had actually read more than we had invited him which was super cool! We also got a text from another investigator, the girl who is Sikh and she had also gone farther in her commitment as well and was texting us some other stuff she had done which was so amazing! We also had coordination with our Branch mission leader who is super awesome, hes a convert of less than a year and is already in a high priority calling which is super cool. In fact there are a lot of members here in this branch that are converts and are super solid. In the evening we also got a text from the downtown elders and they were helping a lady move so we went and helped as well. Honestly, I kid you not, missionaries are the best movers, for any of you that read this and are not members take advantage and use their skills, its free but they always appreciate pizza and of course sharing a message about the gospel too!

Wednesday we had zone conference in Toronto at the biggest chapel for our church in the world. Super cool and the Elders there took me for a tour. It was a good conference and our mission president shared a story about one his scout camps that he planned a ton for and it turned out a disaster. Sometimes even after tons of planning things don't work out the way we want them to. Life is what happens when you're busy making other plans is a quote I enjoy. We also met with a former later that night who is studying theology and is quite fascinated by "Mormons" haha.

Thursday we went and did another move, possibly the biggest move I've ever done. It was crazy. After I went to Burlington on exchanges with an Elder Davis from Calgary. We were walking back and contacting when we stopped by a park because there was a weird gathering around a maze thing with a handful of people. The were candles around it and in the middle. It was super trippy and they were Smoging each other with smoke. It was like something weird from a movie when they do those ancient rituals to summon a demon or something. Right after that we ran into a guy named Bible Bill. He was wearing a poncho and said he was the king of Hamilton and North America and that Christ was the main king because he is the king of kings. Super interesting and he had something in his hand and I asked him what it was and he was like "A pipe, I smoke marijuana"........needless to say I got a picture with him.

Later Friday morning we were contacting and a lady who had been crying was doing a move so we helped her move too. We also got to got to a mini relief society lunch out there when we met back up with our companions haha. Later we then helped a member with some garden work.

Saturday, I don't even know what we did haha.

Sunday we gotta do skype. So fun fact #2 when i Did my first skype on my mission I was in Hamilton and did it at a member families place called the Julian's, well for my last skype call, I did the same thing almost a year and a half later! And whats awesome is that he still had the original blousse from nacho libre so of course I got another picture with it.

Well thats my week! Loved you all!

Monday, May 8, 2017

Week #89

The motto this week is "Too Tired to be blessed". If you're wondering what that means, I'll explain...

This Pday we had a good day of shopping and zone sports and we got to play a real game of soccer which I hadn't done for a season. After we later went to FHE which is different from YSA FHE because they actaully do it in a house rather than the church so it was crowded but it was good.

Tuesday morning us and a bunch of Elders did a bunch of moving for a old missionary apartment. We later went out to a place with a member. The name of it has to do with doughnuts but its ran by a Chinese couple and they have famous wonton soup which was amazing! Here we have so many immigrants that they truly bring the real taste of food from their countries.

On Wednesday we had the opportunity to go to a meeting in Brampton which was really good and our mission president had just returned from a mission president seminar so he had some good stuff to share with us. Something I liked that was shared with us was how one Elder had an experience where he prayed and said "Heavenly Father, Please bless us with a miracle today but if we don't receive one, it won't be because we didn't work hard." I really love that because if you're doing the best you don't have to worry. If you're worthy to receive a blessing it doesn't matter if you receive it or not.

Thursday was a blur but it was good. Sorry but thats about it for that

Friday was good. We had a district meeting where Elder Taylor and I instructed on receiving revelation for your proselyting area and really it comes down to doing all you can and relying on God to help. If its good then do it. You don't have to receive huge right in your face answers to receive answer or to do good. Pray as if everything depended on God and work as if everything depends on you. We then went to Burlinton where a member had referred a young man who was living in her basement and had been having a lot of trials in his life. We talked how through faith, repentance and baptism he could make it through his trials. It was really cool and at the end I was thinking to commit the guy to do two things we hadn't previously planned to commit him to but Elder Taylor Committed him to both so that was a testimony to me the spirit can work through all of us and especially our companions. Later we met last minute with our Sikh investigator and brought our senior couple who are also in the Branch, the Hornebergers!! They are awesome! As we meet with our investigator she had a question of why bad things happen and no matter what we said she still did'n't and THEN sis Horneberger SPOKE and literally the spirit poured out! She had had the anniversary of the death of two of her children the week before and was able to help our investigator understand and by the end it made sense to her why bad things happen to good people. I kid you not, we needed sis and elder Horneberger for that lesson because their testimonies are what she needed.

Saturday we met with one investigator who had been going to the family ward for a while but recently started going to ysa and since coming to it and meeting with us has progressed quite a bit and by the end our our lesson she told us how before she didn't really care about Joseph smith but now she wanted to know more about him. So cool!

Saturday was so crazy I don't think I'm gonna touch on that for now haha.

Sunday was good. They did a regional broadcast for all of the North America North East area where people like Elder Gong, Perkins and Elder Oaks talked to all of us. One thing they highlighted on was missionary work and how missionaries are not using their time effectively becasue they are spending too much time finding rather then teaching which they said is what the members are in charge of. We actually went to the broadcast at the Hamilton Mountain Chapel and it was cool cause i served there over a year ago and soooo many people still recognized me and came up to say hi and pretty soon we're going to be getting fed by some of them. It was good cause I really loved the members here and it was so nice to see them all again. Some people have changed and the young men look older. Got to see the Cantlons and Their son Noah. We used to have FHE at their home and actually they had us over for dinner that night and after we were invited to a youth fireside for the mountain ward and got to speak on how having the light of Christ with us and on our countenances can help others to the gospel. Also one of our members brought their friend to church too and we are going to start meeting with her and also are meeting another member and her friend today! We have seen soooooo many blessings and have been so busy and working hard that we haven't been able to even have some dinners or lunches! Its soooo crazy!

Love you all!

So since we live in the bat cave we dressed up as batman and robin and Alfred and then mace windu. The reason we have mace windu is cause we have a black guy and a purple light saber so we put two and two together haha also one of the young men Noah from the mountain ward

Monday, May 1, 2017

Week #88 Hamilton--THE return!

The Return

This week was super crazy and busy, but so fun.

So Monday we went to a conservation park as a zone which was good and then after visited a couple people to say goodbye and had volleyball for FHE which was nice cause I got to say goodbye to a lot of the members. I was pretty sad to say goodbye. I really grew to love this branch and all its members and I really learned a lot more about charity this transfer. It makes everything better no matter the situation.

The next day went to Brampton for transfers and found my travel companion Elder Dardon who I served around in the Oshawa zone when I was in Lindsay and he actually replaced me when I left there. We then went on our journey to Hamilton!!! So the sweet thing about being in Niagara (Hamilton) is that we share a two floor apartment with a couple other Elders. This is my first time living with other elders but its soo fun! Here in the Bat Cave (we call it that cause Hamilton is where they filmed Batman) we got my and Elder Taylor.

Elder Taylor is solid hes from Kaysville Utah where one of my other companions was from and also he is the 2nd Elder Taylor I've served with. He loves outdoor stuff like rock climbing and camping, is bold, hard working and obedient and likes sports so we're gonna get along great. The other Elders who serve in the downtown ward are Elder Dardon from Cali who is actually fully Hispanic but looks white. He's super fun and solid. Elder Kaku is straight from Africa. He's from Ghana but was serving in Nigeria for a couple transfers while he waited for a couple transfers but now is on his third since hes been here. They're both super funny haha. So we got a Canadian, Mexican, American and an African all living in a two story apartment. It's so fun!

Wednesday got to go to district meeting and talked about the importance of using PMG. For all of you preparing to go on mission read it.
We then met with an investigator.... in a Sikh temple haha. She wanted to show us her beliefs and it was super cool. We had this sweet dough kinda bread and roti. Fun fact: In Sikh temples they actually give free food. It was a really cool experience and she got to show us some of her beliefs. We also dropped by a potential/ referral from the stoney creek elders and the guy was pretty cool his mom is a member but he wasn't raised one because his dad wasn't one and they didn't want contention in the home. He's been reading the book of Mormon and was down to meet.

Thursday we went and cleaned out the Old Oakville apartment. It was super fun and we got some good stuff for our apartment. Thursday we went and met with a girl we had booked an appointment with on Tuesday. It was interesting cause she was pretty closed off at first but open up alot more by the end. We then said a prayer and at the end she asked us if we believed in auras and we were like "well we all have different spirits so I guess" and she was like " While you were praying you were both glowing" It was so cool and she is going to read the book of Mormon and meet with us tomorrow. We then also went to Institute and played volleyball with the YSA.

Friday we went to meeting out in st cats and a member took us out to a place called Beachwood doughnuts which is super good. Saturday we went to a dinner that the elders Quorum was hosting for the relief society and we got to give a spiritual thought/entertainment and so we put together a Book of Mormon play (the real one) haha. We then had dinner with this awesome family called the Hobbes.

Also on Saturday we met with an investigator out in Burlington who was going to the family ward there cause she was living with her uncle and aunt who are converts of just over a year. But the last few weeks she's been coming to YSA and we met with her for the first time. It was awesome.

Sunday she came to church and another non member. did too! Hamilton is so fun and there are so many crazy people haha. Its a crazy place. This week we came and parked in the front of the house instead of the garage and almost all the cars around our house had their tires slashed. What's with crazier is that an Asian man tried driving away on his rims with all flat tires!

SO pumped to be here in Hamilton! Raise your Hammers!