Monday, May 1, 2017

Week #88 Hamilton--THE return!

The Return

This week was super crazy and busy, but so fun.

So Monday we went to a conservation park as a zone which was good and then after visited a couple people to say goodbye and had volleyball for FHE which was nice cause I got to say goodbye to a lot of the members. I was pretty sad to say goodbye. I really grew to love this branch and all its members and I really learned a lot more about charity this transfer. It makes everything better no matter the situation.

The next day went to Brampton for transfers and found my travel companion Elder Dardon who I served around in the Oshawa zone when I was in Lindsay and he actually replaced me when I left there. We then went on our journey to Hamilton!!! So the sweet thing about being in Niagara (Hamilton) is that we share a two floor apartment with a couple other Elders. This is my first time living with other elders but its soo fun! Here in the Bat Cave (we call it that cause Hamilton is where they filmed Batman) we got my and Elder Taylor.

Elder Taylor is solid hes from Kaysville Utah where one of my other companions was from and also he is the 2nd Elder Taylor I've served with. He loves outdoor stuff like rock climbing and camping, is bold, hard working and obedient and likes sports so we're gonna get along great. The other Elders who serve in the downtown ward are Elder Dardon from Cali who is actually fully Hispanic but looks white. He's super fun and solid. Elder Kaku is straight from Africa. He's from Ghana but was serving in Nigeria for a couple transfers while he waited for a couple transfers but now is on his third since hes been here. They're both super funny haha. So we got a Canadian, Mexican, American and an African all living in a two story apartment. It's so fun!

Wednesday got to go to district meeting and talked about the importance of using PMG. For all of you preparing to go on mission read it.
We then met with an investigator.... in a Sikh temple haha. She wanted to show us her beliefs and it was super cool. We had this sweet dough kinda bread and roti. Fun fact: In Sikh temples they actually give free food. It was a really cool experience and she got to show us some of her beliefs. We also dropped by a potential/ referral from the stoney creek elders and the guy was pretty cool his mom is a member but he wasn't raised one because his dad wasn't one and they didn't want contention in the home. He's been reading the book of Mormon and was down to meet.

Thursday we went and cleaned out the Old Oakville apartment. It was super fun and we got some good stuff for our apartment. Thursday we went and met with a girl we had booked an appointment with on Tuesday. It was interesting cause she was pretty closed off at first but open up alot more by the end. We then said a prayer and at the end she asked us if we believed in auras and we were like "well we all have different spirits so I guess" and she was like " While you were praying you were both glowing" It was so cool and she is going to read the book of Mormon and meet with us tomorrow. We then also went to Institute and played volleyball with the YSA.

Friday we went to meeting out in st cats and a member took us out to a place called Beachwood doughnuts which is super good. Saturday we went to a dinner that the elders Quorum was hosting for the relief society and we got to give a spiritual thought/entertainment and so we put together a Book of Mormon play (the real one) haha. We then had dinner with this awesome family called the Hobbes.

Also on Saturday we met with an investigator out in Burlington who was going to the family ward there cause she was living with her uncle and aunt who are converts of just over a year. But the last few weeks she's been coming to YSA and we met with her for the first time. It was awesome.

Sunday she came to church and another non member. did too! Hamilton is so fun and there are so many crazy people haha. Its a crazy place. This week we came and parked in the front of the house instead of the garage and almost all the cars around our house had their tires slashed. What's with crazier is that an Asian man tried driving away on his rims with all flat tires!

SO pumped to be here in Hamilton! Raise your Hammers!

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