Monday, May 8, 2017

Week #89

The motto this week is "Too Tired to be blessed". If you're wondering what that means, I'll explain...

This Pday we had a good day of shopping and zone sports and we got to play a real game of soccer which I hadn't done for a season. After we later went to FHE which is different from YSA FHE because they actaully do it in a house rather than the church so it was crowded but it was good.

Tuesday morning us and a bunch of Elders did a bunch of moving for a old missionary apartment. We later went out to a place with a member. The name of it has to do with doughnuts but its ran by a Chinese couple and they have famous wonton soup which was amazing! Here we have so many immigrants that they truly bring the real taste of food from their countries.

On Wednesday we had the opportunity to go to a meeting in Brampton which was really good and our mission president had just returned from a mission president seminar so he had some good stuff to share with us. Something I liked that was shared with us was how one Elder had an experience where he prayed and said "Heavenly Father, Please bless us with a miracle today but if we don't receive one, it won't be because we didn't work hard." I really love that because if you're doing the best you don't have to worry. If you're worthy to receive a blessing it doesn't matter if you receive it or not.

Thursday was a blur but it was good. Sorry but thats about it for that

Friday was good. We had a district meeting where Elder Taylor and I instructed on receiving revelation for your proselyting area and really it comes down to doing all you can and relying on God to help. If its good then do it. You don't have to receive huge right in your face answers to receive answer or to do good. Pray as if everything depended on God and work as if everything depends on you. We then went to Burlinton where a member had referred a young man who was living in her basement and had been having a lot of trials in his life. We talked how through faith, repentance and baptism he could make it through his trials. It was really cool and at the end I was thinking to commit the guy to do two things we hadn't previously planned to commit him to but Elder Taylor Committed him to both so that was a testimony to me the spirit can work through all of us and especially our companions. Later we met last minute with our Sikh investigator and brought our senior couple who are also in the Branch, the Hornebergers!! They are awesome! As we meet with our investigator she had a question of why bad things happen and no matter what we said she still did'n't and THEN sis Horneberger SPOKE and literally the spirit poured out! She had had the anniversary of the death of two of her children the week before and was able to help our investigator understand and by the end it made sense to her why bad things happen to good people. I kid you not, we needed sis and elder Horneberger for that lesson because their testimonies are what she needed.

Saturday we met with one investigator who had been going to the family ward for a while but recently started going to ysa and since coming to it and meeting with us has progressed quite a bit and by the end our our lesson she told us how before she didn't really care about Joseph smith but now she wanted to know more about him. So cool!

Saturday was so crazy I don't think I'm gonna touch on that for now haha.

Sunday was good. They did a regional broadcast for all of the North America North East area where people like Elder Gong, Perkins and Elder Oaks talked to all of us. One thing they highlighted on was missionary work and how missionaries are not using their time effectively becasue they are spending too much time finding rather then teaching which they said is what the members are in charge of. We actually went to the broadcast at the Hamilton Mountain Chapel and it was cool cause i served there over a year ago and soooo many people still recognized me and came up to say hi and pretty soon we're going to be getting fed by some of them. It was good cause I really loved the members here and it was so nice to see them all again. Some people have changed and the young men look older. Got to see the Cantlons and Their son Noah. We used to have FHE at their home and actually they had us over for dinner that night and after we were invited to a youth fireside for the mountain ward and got to speak on how having the light of Christ with us and on our countenances can help others to the gospel. Also one of our members brought their friend to church too and we are going to start meeting with her and also are meeting another member and her friend today! We have seen soooooo many blessings and have been so busy and working hard that we haven't been able to even have some dinners or lunches! Its soooo crazy!

Love you all!

So since we live in the bat cave we dressed up as batman and robin and Alfred and then mace windu. The reason we have mace windu is cause we have a black guy and a purple light saber so we put two and two together haha also one of the young men Noah from the mountain ward

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