Monday, May 15, 2017

Week #90 SERVICE

Service service and more service as well as "I am singing at thee party" would be a couple good phrases to describe this week but let me explain!

Monday we went on a nature walk with one of the YSA here, Emily! Shes pretty awesome and it was nice just to be outside and relaxing. Fun Fact: If you go for a nature walk in a forest for 2 hours you will be way more relaxed as well as you will be able to sleep better, Science Rules! We also went to President Keenans home for Fhe where we watched a BYU devotional.

Tuesday we went and helped this nonmember guy named Dan (the man) move a whole bunch of rocks and concrete so we got a good workout! Speaking of working out we've been working out pretty hard in the mornings and this place is great because it has a ton of weights and I've started protein and creatine so we'll see how that goes. Anyways we digress so we were helping this guy move that stuff and he got us pizza after which is always a good time. We met with the member referral out in Burlington and taught the restoration. We found he had actually read more than we had invited him which was super cool! We also got a text from another investigator, the girl who is Sikh and she had also gone farther in her commitment as well and was texting us some other stuff she had done which was so amazing! We also had coordination with our Branch mission leader who is super awesome, hes a convert of less than a year and is already in a high priority calling which is super cool. In fact there are a lot of members here in this branch that are converts and are super solid. In the evening we also got a text from the downtown elders and they were helping a lady move so we went and helped as well. Honestly, I kid you not, missionaries are the best movers, for any of you that read this and are not members take advantage and use their skills, its free but they always appreciate pizza and of course sharing a message about the gospel too!

Wednesday we had zone conference in Toronto at the biggest chapel for our church in the world. Super cool and the Elders there took me for a tour. It was a good conference and our mission president shared a story about one his scout camps that he planned a ton for and it turned out a disaster. Sometimes even after tons of planning things don't work out the way we want them to. Life is what happens when you're busy making other plans is a quote I enjoy. We also met with a former later that night who is studying theology and is quite fascinated by "Mormons" haha.

Thursday we went and did another move, possibly the biggest move I've ever done. It was crazy. After I went to Burlington on exchanges with an Elder Davis from Calgary. We were walking back and contacting when we stopped by a park because there was a weird gathering around a maze thing with a handful of people. The were candles around it and in the middle. It was super trippy and they were Smoging each other with smoke. It was like something weird from a movie when they do those ancient rituals to summon a demon or something. Right after that we ran into a guy named Bible Bill. He was wearing a poncho and said he was the king of Hamilton and North America and that Christ was the main king because he is the king of kings. Super interesting and he had something in his hand and I asked him what it was and he was like "A pipe, I smoke marijuana"........needless to say I got a picture with him.

Later Friday morning we were contacting and a lady who had been crying was doing a move so we helped her move too. We also got to got to a mini relief society lunch out there when we met back up with our companions haha. Later we then helped a member with some garden work.

Saturday, I don't even know what we did haha.

Sunday we gotta do skype. So fun fact #2 when i Did my first skype on my mission I was in Hamilton and did it at a member families place called the Julian's, well for my last skype call, I did the same thing almost a year and a half later! And whats awesome is that he still had the original blousse from nacho libre so of course I got another picture with it.

Well thats my week! Loved you all!

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