Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Week #91 A shepherds pie!

Week 91: A shepherds pie!

This week was pretty good! On Monday I went on exchange with the chinese missionaries and I went with an Elder Huang from Taiwan.

It was good, there were some language barriers because hes still working on his English but it was fun and we taught a lesson in Chinese and English which was a good experience. Being with Elder Huang was a super humbling experience just knowing his story and how he got here so I was really grateful for the opportunity! We went to an old classic diner with a member that had a menu based on movie titles which was super cool! We were able to meet with a few investigators and others and they're growing, some slower than others but thats ok because thats life. A member took us out Ikea and apparently theres like a restaurant there which I had no idea about!

I gave my companion this talk about a missionary being super bold and one of the things he would do was look in a mirror before he left in the morning and would say "I fear no man" and so I decided to write that on the big mirror that we look at each time before we leave the apartment.

On sunday we got to go to a ysa conference thing and there were over 300 ysa there from different units and it was super fun. I got to see some people from Newmarket and also Oshawa Ysa which was super fun to see some of the people from there! Also at one point the missionaries had to sit up at the front and at a break a girl from Magrath came up to me and asked if I went to LCI and if I had played basketball there so that was pretty cool.

On Monday we had a busy day full of appointments but we did get to go to some of the branch bonfire which was really good and got to know some of the members better. Sorry for the lower quality letter but today we are going to Toronto so next weeks email will be pretty stellar... Stay tuned!

Also we made a shepards pie (mainly Elder Taylor but I helped hahah)
Helping people move

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