Monday, May 29, 2017

Week #92

Week 92:
 Running the 6ix with my woes! 
This was a super amazing week and saw some really cool miracles! 
But lets start with Tuesday, after writing emails we quickly went to the GO train station which we were taking to Toronto. We were literally going to be there 3 or 4 minutes before the train left but a couple elders were already there and had bought the tickets, so we get lucky (Aka the Grace of God) and we find an parking spot right by the entrance and we quickly park and start running towards the front where the other elders are and we run under a tunnel to the train and arrive literally a minute before the train leaves. It was pretty crazy and we barely made it haha. Memories!!! While in Toronto, we saw some cool things to which I'll share pictures and also saw some crazy things. We saw the big Toronto sign, and even went to Kensington outdoor market which was cool. Also went in the heart of Toronto and helped a Chinese member watch after her shop and buy over 600 bottles of pop for her store from another store and we filled her mini van with them and also still had to fit in somehow. We also tried these famous shakes there and I got one that was strawberry cheesecake which was super rich. It was a super fun day and while on the way back we got a call and someone was interested in meeting up which we were down for. After getting back from Toronto we went to Bishop Julians home (The Bishop from the family ward). It was super cool cause it had been almost a year and a half since I had been there.

 Wednesday was good and we went out to Niagara area to meet with the person who had called us. It went really well and a member came and then after the member shared a lesson about Grace. Its really cool because the atonement makes all the difference in our lives. We truly cannot earn our way into Heaven and really the reason we do things and are obedient is because of love and gratitude. A really good talk on this is "His Grace is sufficient" by Brad Wilcox that I would recommend. Since we were in the area we bought subs and ended up having our dinner right beside Niagara Falls, nothing too big haha.
 Thursday we met with a couple new converts. Their stories are so inspiring and their faith is really amazing and I've really grown a respect for converts who let the Gospel change their lives. One shared her story and she prayed and five minutes later she ran into the sister missionaries. So cool! On Friday I went on exchanges with my old companion, other elder Taylor or elder Kaden Taylor. It went really well and we found some good people to hopefully start teaching in the future. Some members, the Hobbs family who are super cool took us out to a nice pizza place.
 Saturday we did some stuff and in the evening went biking. I wasn't a huge biker back home but Elder Adam Taylor (exchanged back) is pretty stellar at it so I try to keep up and we came home and my whole lower body was so sore haha.

 Sunday we were missing some people as there was a ysa conference down in Palmyra but the person or girl we saw earlier that week came to church and seemed to enjoy it so that was sweet. Went later and had dinner at a members from a family ward but recently got assigned to the ysa branch. The Nantais' who are really cool and the sister cuts our hair which is a bonus! A pretty good week all in all! Enjoy the photos!

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