Monday, June 26, 2017

Week #96

Week 96: So this week was pretty good!

On Monday we went to a Korean BBQ place which is quite interesting, you order meat off an i-pad and they bring it to you and you cook it on a stove built into the table. All-you-can-eat too which is awesome!

Tuesday we met with Chris and it went pretty good. Got to catch up on some things which is good after a years time. He has been fighting some demons is his life, but is wanting to work on them slowly, but surely.

next day we met with Sam and shared the Law of Chastity which went really well and also talked about Prophets and Thomas Monson. Thats the cool thing about the Restored gospel is that we have prophets just as God has always called throughout time and that have always taught us more about Jesus Christ and will always help us stay on the right path even when the world is deceptive.

Thursday we did a blitz which is where more than one set of missionaries work in one companionship's area to help boost it. Later on we went to Institute which Sam attended as well. The next day we went to a zone conference in Kitchener. Really good and there were two other zones there and I think five of my companions were there which was super cool. Later I went on exchanges with Elder Welch who was in the Oshawa zone with me in the past.

Saturday we met with Celeste and it went well and a Spanish speaking member came. She still doesn't feel ready yet for a date, but after the lesson the member told us its kinda a culture thing in South American countries where they don't feel quite ready for big commitment things even though they really are. After we went to this neighborhood fair thing with tents and bouncy castles and different booths from places in the community and the Burlington Ward set up a booth that we helped with. Super fun.

Sunday we had church and Sam came and afterwards there was the baptism of Andrew this guy that the Chinese Elders are working with. It was a little disorganized and I ended up conducting the service, but after he got baptized he bore his testimony and told his story of how he had first met missionaries 6 years ago, but had turned them down. Really cool and powerful.

A scripture I wanted to share from this morning is Alma 17:31 so this is about Ammon and what he said after the kings servants after the flocks were scattered and how everyone started freaking out because they were going to be killed for losing the flocks. "And it came to pass that he flattered them by his words, saying: My brethren, be of good cheer and let us go in search of the flocks, and we will gather them together and bring them back unto the place of water; and thus we will preserve the flocks unto the king and he will not slay us."

Even though things were not going well Ammon still had a positive attitude and Everything turned out good because he trusted in the Lord and also helped others feel good. A good example of this is Austin. He is the dog that belongs to the member who we live above and we often see him in the backyard on our way to the garage. Yes, I realize he is a dog, but dogs are the perfect example of being happy and uplifting all the time and that is what Ammon did in this scripture and it lifted others just how Austin does that to us so we decided to give him a shout out this week.

Love you all! -Elder Toly

Monday, June 19, 2017

Week #95

Week 95: The Prodigal son part 2 took place this week.....

So on Monday this week was a little interesting as we had to help a couple other elders with some stuff, but we were able to go to a conservation area and see a couple falls.

The great thing about being in the Hamilton zone is the outdoors are probably the most pretty in the mission. Most of Ontario is pretty flat with just hills and not much elevation but here we have an escarpment or raised land and so you can see some cool views and do more actual hikes. So we went by a couple falls, Websters and Tews and went on a hike and took some fun photos. We later had dinner at the Branch Presidents house and then Fhe where they really just talked about fathers and all they do.

Tuesday was good. We didn't have much planned that day, but we helped do some service with food orders and basically did some finding for the day. So a background story, when I was in Lindsay we got a call from someone wanting to meet up and when we did it turned out to be a 19 or 20 year old guy named, for the sake of this I'll say Chris. Chris had been baptized a couple years ago in the ysa branch here, but had had some struggles and was kinda MIA for a while and he had gone to school out in Lindsay. So My companion K. Taylor (not the elder taylor I'm with right now) started meeting with him and he was able to overcome somethings in his life that he had always struggled with and we even started bring him teaching with us. He then moved up North and then back to Hamilton and we lost track of him. Later K. Taylor went to Hamilton and tried to find him and when I was told I was going to Hamilton he told me I had to find him. So the first transfer I will admit, I thought about him, but didn't try too hard. But we finally this last week decided to try a member in st. Catherine's who knew him to see where he would be so we texted her husband and were waiting for a response. We then get a call from a senior couple who sat in with the family ward sisters up on the Mountain with a guy that was ysa and they say his name and its the same one and they can't remember the last name so I say his last name and they're like "yes!Thats it!" I then later get his number and call him up and Elder K. Taylor who is in Brampton and we do a three way call catching up on things. It turns out Chris just a couple days before I had contacted that members husband for her had contacted her and asked for the missionaries number because he decided it was time to meet back up with missionaries again so the member had given him the mountain sisters number. So sweet and we are seeing him later today at 7. So cool to hear from this guy almost a year later and to see that he is mindful of people and how I could be there when this guy first reached out for help and the second time in a place over 3 hours away. So awesome!

Wednesday we met with our of our investigators who has a date for July 15 and it went really well and we taught commandments and why they're important and specifically highlighted on the 10, and reading the scriptures, praying and keeping the Sabbath day holy. We then later met with an Indian guy we were supposed to meet with yesterday and taught the restoration and he committed to Baptism in August and said he was wanting to come to a Christian church.

The next day we went on exchanges with the Niagara Elders in the morning. I went to their area. It was a super hot and muggy and humid day..... and their car was in the shop so we walked all day.... and their ac in their apartment wasn't working.... Oh well it made me much more grateful for where I am living .

The next day we exchanged back and later taught our investigator (for the sake of this I'll say Sam). We taught the word of Wisdom and she committed to it and has already apparently been trying which was really cool and the members we brought with us had awesome experiences of the word of wisdom and really helped. We later went and taught our investigator from south America who I'll call Celeste. We read through the scriptures and taught more on faith and committed her to look through her calendar in June, July or August and pray for a day that she should get baptized and promised her God would answer.

The next day we are on our way to appointment when we get a text from Sam who tells us a cool story from yesterday. She hadn't received an answer that this was all true, but yesterday was by the temple and had an experience that she said helped her know this was the right thing to do. So cool! The next couple days were really good as well. Some awesome things happening here!

Monday, June 12, 2017

Week #94

So the moral of the story this week is sometimes you have have to go a little deeper or be in all the way and it involves a storm drain.

So Monday was just a regular day since Elder Taylor and I are both staying.

Tuesday was a little different so let me begin. With the way transfers were Elder Taylor had to go up to Brampton with a couple other Elders to bring one of the new Chinese elders back since he couldn't drive and so I went on mini exchanges with Elder Huang in the morning where we went to the church and on the way we decided to drop by the apartment my dad used to live at while he was a missionary.
When we were looking over the fence to see the backyard a man across the street greeted us and it turned out he was a less active member and we ended up walking down the street with him towards the church. Now he didn't come in with us due to his wanting to stop at Mr. Sub instead, but we did have a good conversation. As we later walked back to the apartment we ran into some Jehovah's Witnesses and had a lovely conversation with an elderly lady. We then exchanged back and went about our day. So we then are at the end of the night, its 8:30 and we got an awesome text from a member who had been talking with one of our investigators. We then get out of the car, I with the phone and my companion with with keys. We start walking and my companion drops the car key and it falls hits his shoe, bounces off it, onto the sidewalk and right off onto a storm drain and then right in. Its 8:30 and our way home is down a storm drain. Elder Taylor then goes and opens the storm cover and he starts to go down and gives me all his stuff like watch, tie and jacket. He goes in and the water (if you can even call it that with all the other stuff mixed in there) is up past his knees and he tries to find it with his foot.

I then am like just go in and he ends up reaching down into it and fishing through it all and finds the key. Some of our witnesses included a man who walked by and said "not the first time I've seen that" and a handful of elderly people across the street at the an old folks home. I guess the lesson of this is that sometimes you gotta do the things you don't feel like doing in order to find success. If we had not found the key we would not have gone home. Sometimes I feel like we give up because the consequences don't seem too drastic but when things are on the line you are more compelled to go the extra mile. Like for example, what happens if we don't open our mouths to people? Is it "oh thats ok maybe next time" or is if we don't share this message, they could miss out on soooo many blessings. After we got the key, my companion hopped in the back (because he was dirt) and I drove us home where he took a nice good shower. Probably the best transfer day of my mission thus far.

Wednesday we met with one of our investigators out in st. cats and brought a couple members, one of which is a convert and the other a returned missionary and we taught the plan of salvation. It all went quite nicely.

The next day we were busy at a meeting in Brampton and came back for another meeting. We then went to institute and met with a returning member and talked about repentance and how the Atonement (what Christ did for us) is so powerful that it can even change our deepest desires for good.

Friday had district meeting and found 2 new people, Christians from India to teach and also met with one of our new converts who just moved here and is originally from Nigeria so hes pretty cool.

Saturday We went and met with a couple people in the morning and did some planning. Sunday we went out to St. Cats (St. Catherine's) for church because thats where one of our investigators was going and one of our members was giving a talk there. After we went to church back in Ysa where another one of our investigators came and really seemed to enjoy herself and participated quite a bit. After we visited an Arab family where only a couple spoke English and had to translate, but we taught the whole Restoration and it made sense to them and they asked at the end what they were supposed to do when they got their answer that the book of Mormon was true. Some cool things happening here in the Hammer, Have a great week!

Monday, June 5, 2017

Week #93 Don't pray for patience

Lesson of the week: Don't pray for patience.

On Monday the zone went to a conservation park which was super nice. 

Tuesday we had a baptismal interview and met a couple people. Also had dinner with the Hobbs which is always fun. 
Wednesday we had interviews with President and so there was two district meetings the same day one after the other.
For the one district meeting the theme was agents of Shield because our mission president is President Shields and so at one point we were all mock versions of super heroes and had to develop our powers. Super fun stuff and my interview with him was super good. I love President Shields and am so lucky to have him. We also met with one of our investigators and taught the Gospel of Jesus Christ. SO crazy thing about that is that she was on 1 Nephi 13 or 14 last week and this week we found out she is now on 2 Nephi 21!!! So crazy!
 Next day we went to Elder Dardons last district meeting and I did a roleplay with him and he was dressed up as a Sikh person so that was fun haha. 
Friday we had a couple of ysa Emily and Efe go out to sushi and we wore the ties she got us hence the picture.
We also met with another investigator out in Burlington and it went pretty well as we talked about faith. Saturday we went and helped out with a service project geared towards older people called Nostalgia days and there were some old cool cars. 

that night I decided to pray for patience and the next day we had the day where my patience was most tried ever and it was transfer calls so I was even more stressed haha.
 Church was good went out to the St. Davids family ward because our one of our investigators went there and we also had another investigator at Ysa. Got calls and I am staying here in Hamilton with Elder Taylor. 
So pumped for this transfer!

Love you all!