Monday, June 5, 2017

Week #93 Don't pray for patience

Lesson of the week: Don't pray for patience.

On Monday the zone went to a conservation park which was super nice. 

Tuesday we had a baptismal interview and met a couple people. Also had dinner with the Hobbs which is always fun. 
Wednesday we had interviews with President and so there was two district meetings the same day one after the other.
For the one district meeting the theme was agents of Shield because our mission president is President Shields and so at one point we were all mock versions of super heroes and had to develop our powers. Super fun stuff and my interview with him was super good. I love President Shields and am so lucky to have him. We also met with one of our investigators and taught the Gospel of Jesus Christ. SO crazy thing about that is that she was on 1 Nephi 13 or 14 last week and this week we found out she is now on 2 Nephi 21!!! So crazy!
 Next day we went to Elder Dardons last district meeting and I did a roleplay with him and he was dressed up as a Sikh person so that was fun haha. 
Friday we had a couple of ysa Emily and Efe go out to sushi and we wore the ties she got us hence the picture.
We also met with another investigator out in Burlington and it went pretty well as we talked about faith. Saturday we went and helped out with a service project geared towards older people called Nostalgia days and there were some old cool cars. 

that night I decided to pray for patience and the next day we had the day where my patience was most tried ever and it was transfer calls so I was even more stressed haha.
 Church was good went out to the St. Davids family ward because our one of our investigators went there and we also had another investigator at Ysa. Got calls and I am staying here in Hamilton with Elder Taylor. 
So pumped for this transfer!

Love you all!

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