Monday, July 24, 2017

Week #100 Listen to the spirit!

Week 100:

So I would just like to point out that I have now completed 100 weeks in the mission field. That is all.

This week was pretty good. Monday we were able to go down by one of the beaches for FHE and then Tuesday I had to say goodbye to Elder Taylor who is going home and Elder Kaku who got transferred.

It was pretty hard to see them go. While they went to transfers I stayed and worked our area with another missionary for a couple hours while we waited for our new companions to come back. I then got my new companion.... Elder Trump from Texas! We got to see a couple people including Samantha where we taught about the temples. It went well, we had a couple members present and she has been reading the book of Mormon and bible doing a study thing which is really cool! So we had planned this week a lunch with a return sister missionary. We had planned to listen to the talk by Elder Costa who spoke in the last general conference. He talked about his conversion story and what investigators need to do to receive answers. He originally started learning about the gospel because of a girl he was dating and ended up marrying her. So here we are in the lunch when it comes up for the first time that this girl has a nonmember boyfriend and we listen to the talk and she asked "why did you decide to share this?" And we were like we don't know we just felt like we should and apparently it made a really good impact on her and she said it was inspired and she told us she was planning on inviting him to church that Sunday to hear her talk and she did! He came and we gotta talk to him! Really cool! Another example of following the spirit this week was one evening we planned to go by McMaster University. So we got there, but were not sure as to where we needed to be so we decided to tract a street near the university where lots of ysa live and we prayed where we should go and looked on the GPS and felt like we should do a certain street so we did and as result we found two different people that were willing to meet up. super cool! Follow the spirit everybody!! One fun thing this week was we got to meet the brand new missionaries in the zone. There are 4 brand new ones in the zone and 1 or 2 are straight outta high school which is crazy because my brother just finished high school! Was I really that young when I came out? It was fun though to see their excitement. Sunday I also had to give a talk on repentance. Crazy because I had not given a talk in like 10 months so I was kinda nervous. In my talk I highlighted on how we are here on earth to become like our Heavenly Father and how when we don't do things that He would do we sin and how repentance brings us back in line. We also had dinner with the Hobbs family who are awesome! Their son actually came out teaching earlier in the week with us too which was good. A good first week of the transfer and look forward to the rest! Have a great week everyone! Listen to the spirit! 9 out of 10 times acting on a first prompting will be right.

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