Monday, July 31, 2017

Week #101

Week 101:

A great week.

It was hard, but good. It all started with a trip to Niagara Falls with the Downtown Elders which was fairly delightful. We took some good photos and got to go to a bird zoo thing because a member gave us some coupons.

In terms of appointments this week, it was hard because no could meet or they didn't respond back, but that didn't stop us as we "hit the pavement' as they so call it out here in the mission field.

Tuesday evening we took a member out contacting, tracting and teaching with us. It was pretty fun having him around and the lesson went well as we taught this guy named Jonathon who we had found the week before. It went pretty well and he seems pretty humble and willing to learn more. I think more and more I've taught and learned the gospel I've come to not just know, but truly feel and understand how humility is such an essential ingredient in our salvation. We are all here to grow spiritually and need to realize that we need to change to do so, but if we never realize that we need to change because of our own self pride then our way to progress is frustrated and the plan will be void. Humility is key and its still something I wish to improve upon.

So Wednesday we were out by the university contacting and we talked to this one girl even though it was kinda raining and have an extremely good conversation and it was pretty natural and for the first 15 minutes of the conversation we didn't even really talk "gospel" with her but just talked and pretty soon it was more natural to share the message and I guess that s how the gospel works, just loving people to a point where sharing is natural.

We also had a cool lesson with Samantha before volleyball on Thursday about callings and service in the church and we had three members present which was awesome and they taught a large portion of the message and she is going to get baptized this September. It was sad at first to realize that I won't be there, but the most important thing is that she gets baptized and I guess we sometimes need to realize its not all about us.

Friday we sent most of our day out east in the St. Catherine's, Niagara, Welland region which really is just gorgeous country out there. Well I believe that s all I have for this week!

Hope you all are doing well and know that I love you!

-Elder Toly

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