Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Week #97

Week 97:

So I think the catch phrase of this week is that there is always a message or something we can learn from anything and everything.

Monday we tried to go for a hike out by st. cats area, but it started hailing. We went and met with our investigator Sam and taught the Law of Tithing and she committed to living it after baptism which was nice. After we went to FHE and watched a video on the labourers in the Vineyard and how some will be there longer than others. So in my group that's going home with me, a lot of them are going early about like 2 weeks and some like a month early, some for school even though their schooling starts at the same time as mine and others for I guess other reasons. I, on the other hand got rejected to go home a week early to get ready and prepared for school which will happen less than a week after getting home. I won't lie I kinda was like " what the heck?" and wondered why my reason for school to go home a week early was rejected compared to others, but after watching the video I realized that it isn't the commitment to others as to why I'm here, but rather it's my commitment to the Lord as to why I'm here and if he needs me to work a little more than others than I should be willing to do it. It was a good learning experience.

Tuesday we met with a couple people and helped with some service.

Wednesday we had a district meeting and a big lunch after which was made by the senior couple in the zone. We also got fed by a member in the branch too which is pretty rare! We also went to the funeral of our friend Alonso who is the cousin of our investigator Celeste whose uncle and Aunt are members and he would always sit in on our lessons. Sitting in the chapel for the service was interesting and when there's a loss of life it causes one to contemplate and think more deeply about life. One thought that came to mind was if you died would the way you lived your life be remembered among people that knew you and also what was the last thing I said to Alonso and how we should always speak with love to all because it could be the last thing you say to them.

WOW Canada Day we actually did not do anything crazy. Had a couple meal appointments and service so we weren't out and about too much which was ok because a lot of people are generally not as receptive on that day. We did see some fireworks from our apartment, but we didn't really watch. Church was good. Most of the YSA were gone at a conference. Bore my testimony by starting out with a story from when I was in Lindsay with my other companion Elder Taylor. We dropped by someone in the middle of the country in the winter time who wasn't home so we decided to work the area, but the problem was all the houses are spread out with driveways the length of football fields so we tried one that was uphill and since we had rain that winter, it was icy and took some effort and work and time to get up there and when we did the lady opened the door and said she was sorry we made the climb, but that she wasn't interested. We hiked uphill on a road that was icy and the length of a football field only to get rejected and explained in my testimony that even though the gospel is the right path it will always be uphill. And even when we do all we can and still not see the outcome we wanted we can find the joy in doing what God wants us to do. After we had knocked on this ladies door we had the opportunity to slide down the icy hill the length of a football field which was fun. We can always gain something from our trials.

Yesterday I went on exchanges with Elder Kaku from Ghana who was working on talking to everyone after a few hours on the exchange he says yeah I need to do a better job at talking to people. We had literally talked to everyone in our path and even out of our path and met so many people who could have been ready but we would never have known if we didn't talk to them. As a once was said "you miss 100% of the shots you don't take." It was exchange that was well learned from.

Anyways I hope you all have a great week and look for the good in everything!

-Elder Toly

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