Monday, July 10, 2017

Week #98

Week 98:

Hey Fasting works. True stuff. This week was good.

We had preparation day on Tuesday and had like an outdoor sports day with some of the zone . It was super fun but after playing sports in the sun you are just drained. After we went and visited one of our new converts Hayden. We read the talk from Elder Sabin in the last conference and he really enjoyed how it said "we haven't sinned tomorrow." Each day through the Atonement we can have a fresh start with the zeal to do better and to be better. We haven't ruined our tomorrow and with Christ we are offered forgiveness and power to become more than what we are.

On Wednesday we had to go a meeting with a bunch of other missionaries and discussed some things going on in the mission.

Thursday we had interviews with President and a couple district meetings going on so things were crazy. My companion Elder Taylor had his departing interview because he is going home soon. We also got to go to a volleyball activity which there were 3 nonmembers present.

Friday we tried out this cool chips and fish place that we actually found out from someone we contacted called Hutchs.

On Saturday we had a fast for one of our investigators Sam who we had had a bad feeling about and hadn't seen for for a while and hadn't had contact with for a couple days. At the end we finally heard back from her so that was a mini miracle. Sunday we went to Brampton for a Ysa conference where a man by the name of Brother Turley spoke. So the interesting thing about Brother Turley is that he is head of Public affairs in the whole church in the world and also was the assistant Historian for the whole church as well. So he is pretty much an expert at both of those things and after sacrament meeting there was a question and answer session for over an hour. A lot of good questions were answered. This guy is like the closest you can be to being a general authority without actually being one and knows a lot. Some people from Oshawa ysa where there so I was able to get a photo with them which I was pretty pumped about. Also got to do a baptismal interview for a guy from the Philippines named Sam. As a kid he went to a baptist church all by himself because his parents were less actives or back sliders so he took the initiative while his sister(s) went to the LDS church. One of them went on a mission even. And later he met a lady that was also a return missionary who introduced him to the church. He was super sincere and very nice so it went well and he passed!

Have a great week everyone!

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