Monday, July 17, 2017

Week #99

Week 99:

So this was a week with a lesson well learned. It was actually Elder Taylor's last week and so we made some big plans to get a lot of done. I'll explain more in a sec though. Monday we went bowling where I bowled 162 which not to brag (but to brag) I was pretty pumped about and we went to Niagara and had dinner with Emily at a famous pountine place called smokes and after got Ice Cream at this hipster Ice Cream place called "Sweet Jesus" which is a crude name but the Ice Cream was really good. I got Brownie and man it was divine. Also went to FHE. It was a pretty ideal night.

So on Wednesday we had district meeting and there are two in the chapel at the same time so I went to one and Elder Taylor went to the other and since it was the last one of the transfer we planned to sing a song at the end together both districts. So we finished our meeting first and and went and waited outside the room of the other but I went inside and listened in. Perfect timing too since Elder Taylor had been asked to to bear his testimony and he was losing it crying. He had done well the whole transfer and hadn't shed a tear even in zone conference, but I guess the reality of what was happening hit him. After as both districts we sang a rendition of Savior, Redeemer of my Soul which is my favorite hymn and the Elder that played it as a prodigy. There may or may not have been some tears shed. After though we went and had a lesson with Sam and went over the Baptismal Interview questions which she did well with. We still have to go over a couple of things but we moved her baptismal date back a couple weeks so a friend of hers could come. It was bittersweet because Elder Taylor won't be there, but the most important thing is that she gets baptized.

On Friday we got to have a Newfie Dinner which consists of Salted Beef (elder Taylor thinks its horse) with sister pope from the mountain ward who I knew when I was there. After we had a lesson with one of our members Jordyn who took us out for marble slab. I haven't had that in sooo long!

So last night we got transfer calls and Elder Taylor is getting transferred to Utah and will be looking for a new companion and will be working towards helping her to her next ordinance. I am pumped because I get to stay in the Hammer! I will be getting Elder Trump from Texas. Also excited because a lot of greenies are coming into the zone and when that happens miracles usually follow!

So the lesson was this week was that everything is a gift from God. Even if we work as hard as we can doesn't mean we are guaranteed those certain things we were working towards. So with it being Elder Taylors last week we set some lofty goals and absolutely worked our tails off sooo much to achieve them. The results though were 0. We were very disappointed to say the least but it reminds me of the scripture 1 Corinthians 3:6 which says "I have planted, Apollos watered; but God gave the increase. " It all comes from God my friends! So with it being my last transfer I am going to be going to try to be as focused as much as I can, I know the jokes will come but If everyone could refrain from talking about home with me it would really mean a lot. I want to finish these last weeks running full sprint and to "rest" after I am officially home.

Love you all so much and thanks for your support!-Elder Toly

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