Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Week 102-A perfect society is one wherein a man plants a tree of which fruits he will never get to partake of!

A perfect society is one wherein a man plants a tree of which fruits he will never get to partake of. This week email consists of how we sometimes don't see the results of good works.

This week was Jam packed with things on Monday Elder Trump and I received some pies to the faces. We challenged the zone to achieve a certain number of new investigators and they achieved it. Pics will come next week. Later that night we met this guy named Will who was just coming from the gym shooting some hoops. We started talking with him and we invited him to church and he was down to come.

Tuesday the stake had asked for help with a stake activity. They had BYU-I dance traveling team touring the area and they were going to perform in Hamilton so we helped out and ended up getting to watch the show which awesome! You should check them out as they are extremely talented.

Wednesday we went to a meeting in Brampton and I got bear me testimony seeing that it was the last one of these meetings I would attend. I actually had 5 of my companions there so I got a photo with them.

Grateful for my these Elders and the one I just had last transfer too and the others. So I got to share a cool experience as well. When I was in Lindsay we were contacting and went out of our way to go and talk to this kid who was in high school. We later met with him and taught him a couple times but it kinda faded away and we didn't teach him anymore. Anyways that was may 2016 and then in the end of April 2017 when I am in Oshawa I go on exchanges to a place called Peterborough right by Lindsay with a greenie and I am talking with this lady and this guy comes up to me and says he knows me and its the same high school kid from Lindsay now in university! We then talk and he is down to meet up with missionaries there but not for a couple weeks because he has exams so I tell the elders there to call him and meet with him to which they are skeptical but I tell them he will meet with them. They later meet with the guy and teach him and to one of the lessons he brings a friend who then goes on to get baptized! How crazy is that! More than a year later after talking to this high school kid who I thought nothing came of it resulted in a kid getting baptized later. So I shared that story at the meeting and later during the break one of the other missionaries tells me they thought I was going to share a story about Alex and I'm like what? And I find out this guy I found and taught in Lindsay was getting baptized this week! Here's the story behind that one..... So I had just been called to train in Lindsay for my 4th transfer in Lindsay both of which I didn't want to do. I was extremely stressed. The first week we went tracting on this street near the church and do this one house but no one answers so we go to the next one and I'm about to knock and I see I guy at the house previously knocked smoking and I feel like I need to go and talk to him. So we do and we end up teaching him. He almost got baptized while I was in Oshawa but because of stuff he didn't but he did this Saturday! I got to watch on skype too which was a huge blessing! I had spent so much time thinking I hadn't done anything in Lindsay but that wasn't true. I just didn't see the results of the good I did there and I think that's sometimes a problem for us and maybe gets us discouraged when we do something good but don't see the result. Trust in Gods timing. It's not on your clock. We also had a cool media referral. This guy who was living in mainland china found out about the church while living there for two years, online and as soon as he got back he met us and we took him on a chapel and I just felt the spirit pretty strongly it was awesome. We also met with the guy we had tracted into a couple weeks and taught the plan of Salvation. he had been reading from the Book of Mormon and had some really good questions. Really awesome lesson. Committed to pray about the book of Mormon. The next day we met with a girl named Bridgette, her aunt had just passed away that morning so we talked about the plan of salvation. One of them members with us told of his experience of his mom passing away and he really brought a good feeling in how it's ok, God loves us and his plan is perfect. We also met with Sam and read over the tree of Life. We also drew pictures so it was super fun.

Sunday was cool as Will the baller came to church and was fellow shipped well.

Super awesome stuff! Also had Sunday dinner with the Hobbs which was good!

Love you all!

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